The Complete Paul Daniels Masterclass - the Inside Secrets to the Business of Magic 7 Disc Set
Paul Daniels (2003)
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Recorded during the recent Masterclass tour of the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, Paul Daniels reveals the secrets of how to succeed and profit in the world of show-business.

Each topic is fully explained, and Paul also allows ample time to answer questions. Paul Daniels has performed more magic on TV than anyone else in history, he is widely considered to be one of the foremost authorities on magic, and his Masterclass events have been attended by the biggest names in magic. This audio set is the perfect way to improve your magic (and business) knowledge whilst driving in the car!

Subjects covered, include:

How to dramatically improve every trick you already own
How to develop your stage presence and persona
How to get on TV, radio, and in the news
How to double or triple your profits from every show you do
The real secrets of Publicity - how to promote your business for little cost
How to use business cards effectively
The importance of setting targets and goals
How to keep an audience attentive and win them back if you lose them
What to do when someone says, "I know how you do that"
Advice and practical guidance on putting an act together
How to get the best from agents
The differences between agents and managers
How to develop and promote yourself as a brand
Paul's views on packet tricks
Paul's favourite magic tricks and magic books
Paul's favourite performers and why
The story of the Louis Theroux reality TV show
Tips on how to succeed in restaurant magic
What you can learn from Maurice Fogel and Al Koran
An explanation of the development of Paul's chop cup routine
Advice on getting bookings for large stage shows
Working with animals
Using assistants
The story behind the famous chimpanzees' routine on TV
The background to the Electric chairs routine
Comments about performing the national BBC TV shows every week

"I had the privilege of attending Paul Daniel's Master Class in Las Vegas. In my opinion, it was the greatest sharing of a true professional's secrets of success, that any serious student or practitioner of the magical arts could ever hope to receive at any price. Solid gold all the way. All shared by one the most respected names and talents of the professional Theatre world. He did not duck or dodge any question fired at him by some of the biggest names of magic in the Las Vegas scene. All of this given at a tuition price which was considerably less than most of us have paid for a useless piece of junk that we have kept hidden in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust. Bravo." - Peter Reveen, Manager of Lance Burton.

7 CD set in Quality Binder
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