The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 13 - Our Best #1
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The Greater Magic Library Our Best #1, Volume 13

Magic just doesn't get any better! When you watch this DVD you'll see why. A favorite trick and explanation from five of our video artists. These effects that are performed and explained will only be found on this volume. Produced when the artist made his volume of the "Greater Magic Video Library", this material as been held back for special release. An opportunity like this doesn't exist anywhere else in the magic profession. So now the time has come for us to give you "Our Best. "

Mike Ammars - Ring & Rubberband
Larry Becker - Deja Vu
Daryl - Cardboard Chameleons
Charlie Miller - Han Ping Chicken
Roger Klause - Dice Vanish.

Running Time Approximately 50min
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No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Condition New