The Invisible Deck
Magic Makers Inc. (2007)
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The Invisible Deck

On this instructional DVD you will learn amazing ways to use your Magic Makers' Invisile Deck. Everything you need to know and more is on this instructional DVD.

The performances and teachings that are included are:

Learn the basics of the Invisile Deck
The Original Invisile Deck Routine
Behind the Back - An instant transformation behind the back!
Prince's Card Trick - A card is looked at then vanishes!
In the bag - A deck magically appears in bag, PLUS!
Shake and Bake - Spectator shakes the deck to select a card!
Dice Prediction - Dice predicts the card that is face down!

Bonus Material
The Connection - Taking your Invisible Deck to the next level!
Invisile Flight - Learn the power of having a 2nd Invisible Deck!
Shared Thoughts - A creative mind reading routine!

Plus Tips and Hints along the way!

The Invisible Deck is a magical
weapon of last resort . . . Why?

Because it EVER fails!

2007 Magic Makers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Original Title The Invisible Deck
Distributor Magic Makers, Inc.
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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