The Magic of Alex Elmsley - The Tahoe Sessions Volume 1
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The Magic of Alex Elmsley; The Tahoe Sessions Volume 1

Alex Elmsley is unquestionably one of close-up magic's modern masters. You probably know him from the Elmsley Count. It is arguably the most popular and widely used false display for a small packet in the craft. It is the invention of Alex Elmsley, the subject of these video tapes. Alex Elmsley has long been recognized as one of the Twentieth Century's most brilliant innovators of card and close-up magic. Now, through this series of tapes, you have an opportunity previously enjoyed by very few magicians - to meet this modern master and see him perform and teach some of his best magic, both classic and newly minted! His tools range from wonderfully cunning mathematical principles (completely disguised) to sophisticated sleight-of-hand. First you will be fooled, then you will be inspired, by some of the finest close-up magic ever conceived! This is magic of the highest caliber from one of the greatest minds in close-up conjuring.
Four Card Trick; New Four Card Trick; Interview (Early Days); Twisters Flush; One Poor Lion; Separating the Men from the Boys; Interview (The Professor); Power Poker; Spectator Aces; Economy Class Departure; Interview (Vernon and The Ghost Count); Dazzle.
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