Seabrooke's Book
Seabrooke, Terry
Magical Publications (1990)
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Seabrooke, Terry: Seabrooke's Book
©1986 Magical Publications, Pasadena, CA
©1990 Magical Publications, Pasadena, CA 2nd printing
Hardcover, w/dj, 112 pages
ISBN-13: 9780915181155
ISBN-10: 0915181150

Comments: Illustrated by Paul Butler. Subtitled "Around the Workd With a Baking Tin". Essays and effects by the comedy magician Terry Seabrooke, with an emphasis on adding presentation to your magic.


9 Publisher’s Note (Mike Caveney)
11 Introduction (Billy McComb)
13 Foreword
15 It Started Like This: Brief autobiography of Terry
23 The Magic Convention: advice on attending
28 Those Linking Rings: comedic 7 ring routine (key, chain of 3, chain of 2, single)
36 Bullet Thru Card: chosen card - or not - is found with a bullet hole; lots of gags
39 Cigarette in the Coat: audience participation and lots of opportunity for comedy
46 - The Cigarette
46 - Smoke
46 - The Coat
47 - Stealing the Thumb Tip
48 Terry’s Tennis Ball: Instant hand puppet
49 Burnt Note in Wallet: full comedic routine and bits of business
65 What Do You Mean My Dressing Room is a Nail!: funny article on dressing rooms
72 The M.C.: Tips and advice on being a good Master of Ceremonies
73 - The Running Order
74 - The Start of the Show
74 - The End of the Show
75 - The Band
75 - The Room
76 - The Show
77 - Final Thoughts
78 Looking for Laughs: advice and a couple of ideas
79 The Neck Spiker: How to generate laughs from this commercial effect
80 The Pipes & Plugs: Idea for spicing up the Chinese Sticks
82 Visible Sawing Thru: idea for changing the premise to a humorous one
83 The Chattering Teeth: card selection found by toy teeth
85 An Object Lesson: a simple mentalism routine with an assistant
87 Is It Really Close-up Magic?: Essay on close up magic
88 Half and Half: comedy quickie with a spectator's dollar bill
89 Give Me a Card: a packet card trick with an easy, and good, out
91 Give Me a Ring: spectator's borrowed ring transposes from one glass of liquid to another
93 Mindreading Can: Comedy card revelation bit
95 Seabrooke’s Cards Across: Full routine with bits of business
99 As Others See Us: perspectives of others
99 - The Musical Director
100 - The Stage Director/Producer
103 On Stage: article about staging
103 - Lighting
103 - Prop Decoration
104 - Stage Curtains
104 - Audience Participation
105 - The Dead Spot
106 The Plebeian Prestidigitator: humorous article on BAD advice
110 Curtain Call


This is a near mint condition leather Seabrooke's Wallet and better than to pair it with the book containing his classic Burnt Note routine as well as pretty much everything else that was a part of Terry Seabrooke's act. Terry has been credited with writing one of the most unselfish works on magic for the reason that it includes much of the material that he has honed and perfected over time. The book not only contains detailed descriptions of the routines but all of the comedy bits and lines he has developed over years as well. The book is signed by Terry and it is in excellent condition.

One of Terry's signature effects is his Burnt Note in wallet and the wallet used for the routine has now become a classic staple in the vast catalog of wallets created over the past half century. The wallet is in near mint condition and there is an original Fire Insurance envelope to be used as a template to make other envelopes. The book contains explanations for Bullet Thru Card, Cigarette in the Coat, Terry's Tennis Ball, Seabrooke's Cards Across, Give Me a Ring, The Chattering Teeth, and so much more in its 110 pages.

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