The Phoenix 1942-1954 - the Phoenix on cd rom, complete with illustrations and searchable index.
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The Phoenix brought 3 to 5 well versed, practical tricks on a biweekly basis from 1942 to 1954.
The most talented magicians of the time contributed their best ideas to The Phoenix; effects that fooled magicians and lay people.

Houdini Picture Corporation is proud to present, for the first time, the complete six volume set on CD ROM! Search
through over 1,200 pages with our interactive index. Just type in the search word or phrase and the interactive Phoenix will find it. You can also browse through a searchable index sorted by type of effect. Usable on both PC and MAC computers!

Michael Skinner's notes on Phoenix issues 1-300 are included

The New Phoenix from 1954-1965 as a bonus, we are including The New Phoenix! Over 420 pages of great magic effects complete with instructions and illustrations. Edited by Jay Marshall, Don Tanner and Karl Fulves.
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