The Ultimate Sphinx - The complete run of The Sphinx digitized in color from the archives of The Conjuring Arts Research Center
The Conjuring Arts Research Center (2013)
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The Ultimate Sphinx by The Conjuring Arts Research Center - DVD

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In the history of magic magazines The Sphinx is special. It was one of America's first and lasted for 50 years. The Sphinx was indisputably the greatest American magic magazine during our Golden Age of magic. The material, history and general gossip about magic from 1902 to 1952 is astounding and cannot be found anywhere else but The Sphinx.

Because of this The Sphinx has retained a very high value in the world of magic magazines. It's not uncommon for a complete physical file of The Sphinx to sell for around $5,000. A previous digitization project was offered for sale for $500. Conjuring Arts has completely rescanned and OCRed (makes the text searchable) The Sphinx and we are releasing this on DVD for the astounding price of $49.99 postpaid in the US.

Why so low? We feel that the contents in The Sphinx creates its own indispensable bookshelf of magic knowledge, and because of this, everyone should have and read The Sphinx. This belief led us to decide on a price that everyone can afford.

The Sphinx - November 1902 - Expert at the Card Table What's inside? Charles T. Jordan material, Arthur Finley material, news about every imaginable name in magic from Houdini to Fu Manchu to Richiardi Jr. and on top of that magic secrets that rival the greatest books ever written on magic. Find the first advertisement for Erdnase's Expert at the Card Table or see one of the beautiful ads made for Dai Vernon's privately distributed booklets.

Conjuring Arts has offered The Sphinx for years as part of all levels of our Ask Alexander database but some still would like to have this at their offline fingertips.

Why do we call it The Ultimate Sphinx? We carefully went through every volume, scanned The Sphinx - December 1932 - Dai Vernon Adit in color and had our computers convert the words to searchable text. We then created the files and also created an electronic
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Original Title The Ultimate Sphinx
No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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Purchase Date 8/1/2016
Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Condition New

The Sphinx magazine is arguably the most important in the history of magic. It ran from 1902 through 1952 and published 587 issues. For more than 50 years it regularly chronicled the history and general gossip about magic. It is full of an astounding amount of information and photographs that cannot be found anywhere else. But, the most important part is the magic. It contains hundreds of incredible tricks and techniques that are waiting to be re-discovered and put to use.
You get a double sided DVD-ROM which contains more than 50 pdfs with each pdf containing around 500 pages -- that is more than 20,000 pages! All the pages have been scanned in color and are searchable. Produced by the Conjuring Arts Research Center in 2013.