Third Degree Burn
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Third Degree Burn

Blistering magic that borders on impossible!
Third Degree Burn takes two incredible effects and launches them to incredible new levels that were never thought possible.

Fast ListIn The Box•Use any deck, or don't use any cards at all.
•No forcing required, works with any card in any deck.
•Can be easily carried with you at all times, ready at a moments notice.
•No reset.
•Looks dangerous, but is completely harmless to use.

Full Overview

You approach a group of people and ask someone to think of a card, and then name it out loud. It can be any card they wish. There is no force. The subject is asked to truly visualize the card in their head and to help BURN this image into their minds you give them a lighter (or borrow theirs). After igniting the the lighter, they are asked to visualize the card within the dancing flame. You briefly thrust your fingers into the flame as if to grab their very thoughts, and wince in pain. For the jaw-dropping climax, you slowly turn your fingers around, to reveal the skin on your thumb and finger is now blistered inthe very shape of their FREELY CHOSEN CARD.

You've just given them the third degree.

The powerful mentalism of the Invisible Deck and the sheer impossibility of Pyro Perception have been combined to give birth to an effect that will leave people talking long after you've left, creating an impression so powerful that your spectators will think that you have powers that no mortal should have.
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