Why Knot Silks - Volume 1, 2, & 3
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Why Knot Silks

Volume 1:
A one hour video dealing with silk rolls, folds, and a variety of silk slieght-of-hand techniques including knot ties and other handling methods used in silk magic. This video does not explain how to produce silks from apparatus, but rather it looks at silk magic from a non-apparatus point of view.

Volume 2:
Volume 2 deals with the diminishing silk production. This one hour video goes into depth as far as this production is concerned. This volume also contains a wealth of new material never before seen. This new material allows the performer to go and expand on the diminishing silk production so as to make the production more fitting for the performer's act, thus customizing the production to fit the style and needs of the individual performer.

Volume 3:
This volume of the series deals with the use of the hand held dye tube. Single color changes are explained as well as blendo, streamer, and multiple silk producitons. Silk vanishes are also explained.
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