Cellini Presents - The Art Of Street Performing Volume I
Magic man 1234 Productions
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This is how Cellini talks about Volume 1:

"This video will do much more than entertain you. It will enlighten you and excite you. It can even change the course of your life. I have tried my best to explain this illusive art. You will learn how to attract,build, hold and entertain an audience, while making a good living. Those I have influenced found themselves transformed by the experience in ways they never imagined. All the secrets are here... it's up to you. It could change your life forever. It did mine!" - Cellini

From that blurb, I spent my hard earned money to get the first volume. I was excited as I put the DVD into the player. I was going to see Cellini spill his guts about ALL of the secrets he had learned from decades of street performing. I sat on my couch, popcorn in hand, ready to be influenced and transformed by Cellini's sage advice.

A mere 57 minutes later, I was stunned. At twice the cost and half the length of a regular magic DVD, I mistakenly thought Cellini might perform in this video. Wrong. Cellini introduces various concepts of street performing, such as gathering a crowd. Other performers demonstrate the point Cellini is making.

I was mad and felt cheated. I put the DVD away for months. However I came back to it. After watching it again, I changed my mind. The material is good.

Several important aspects of street performing are taught and demonstrated. The DVD is expensive and short. However, if your are considering performing street magic, then you will more than get your money from the ideas you will learn from this video. Volume 1 is not at all what I expected, but it is good.

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