Cellini Presents - The Art Of Street Performing Volume II New Orleans
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Volume 2 is everything I expected and more. I recommend this video to every magician.

Cellini's work on the thumbtip alone is worth the price of admission. This is how the thumbtip should be used. Get out your old thumbtip and start to do some stunning magic. You might even fool other magicians!

You will also see classic and clean approaches to rope magic and the cups and balls trick. This is exactly what I had hoped to see in Volume 1.

A mere 57 minutes later, I was stunned. At twice the cost and half the length of a regular magic DVD, I mistakenly thought Cellini might perform in this video. Wrong. Cellini introduces various concepts of street performing, such as gathering a crowd. Other performers demonstrate the point Cellini is making.

I was mad and felt cheated. I put the DVD away for months. However I came back to it. After watching it again, I changed my mind. The material is good.

Several important aspects of street performing are taught and demonstrated. The DVD is expensive and short. However, if your are considering performing street magic, then you will more than get your money from the ideas you will learn from this video. Volume 1 is not at all what I expected, but it is good.

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