Blu-ray Disc 120 mins IMDB 6.1
Summit Entertainment (2008)
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Horror, Romance, Action
USA  /  English

Kristen Stewart Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson Edward Cullen
Billy Burke Charlie Swan
Ashley Greene Alice Cullen
Nikki Reed Rosalie Hale
Jackson Rathbone Jasper Hale
Kellan Lutz Emmett Cullen
Peter Facinelli Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Cam Gigandet James
Taylor Lautner Jacob Black
Anna Kendrick Jessica Stanley
Michael Welch Mike Newton
Christian Serratos Angela Weber
Gil Birmingham Billy Black
Elizabeth Reaser Esme Cullen

Director Robert Benton; Catherine Hardwicke
Producer Scott Rudin; Wyck Godfrey; Marty Bowen
Writer Robert Benton; Richard Russo; Melissa Rosenberg; Stephenie Meyer

Drama and romance are at the heart of this teen vampire film. Insular 17-year-old Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) does not expect much when she moves in with her dad Charlie (Billy Burke), a police officer in Forks, Washington. She is soon surprised when she finds that her classmate, moody, handsome and tellingly pale Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is seemingly disgusted by her. Her surprise soon turns into confusion and shock as this acquaintance saves her life one day in the school parking lot. She discovers that Edward and his family are vampires, and that his apparent disgust is in reality masking his true feelings: love.

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Release Date 3/21/2009
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