Serial Biller - Rich Ferguson
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Serial Biller DVD by Rich Ferguson
Destroy a borrowed bill, restore it, match the serial

At first it might look like just another restored bill effect.

Until you realize the spectator can verify the serial number from their own borrowed bill, both before and after the restoration. To top it off the dollar the spectator leaves with is 100% ungimmicked, unaltered, undamaged and legit!

In a DVD filled with little known moves, switches, and presentation-concepts-that-build-reputation, Ferguson takes us on a learning experience reminiscent of TAGGED. Once you get Rich started, the gems begin to flow and as you sit in your chair watching you find yourself learning - big time.

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Full Overview
Press the green play button right here to listen to Rich describe uses for the SerialBiller technique and the multiple, non-gimmicked versions.

In this overview section below, we pull from a recent discussion Ferguson had after he watched his own DVD for the first time…

The DVD gets into prework ideas, setting up bills, creating setups, etc...

Then it jumps into an hour of switches that is like being part of a masters lecture on the subject. Regardless if you do any of the effects or use my entire serial number ideas (which you will), the individual chapters, switches and handlings are worth getting, period. I truly forgot how much I kept going on with cool concepts. You will really get a big bang for your "buck".

Now, I WILL say this... just like Tagged, WATCH THE ENTIRE thing first. Everything builds and chapters become a set of tools for you to do anything you want. There are some sick tips that go way beyond dollar effect and I'm stoked to share.

There are basic switches, uber-clever switches, in air switches, pinch switches, tips on orientations and folding, tips on psychology, etc. A lot of meat, for sure. I watched my own in-air switch practice toss on the DVD and I'd SWEAR I was seeing something different.. very cool.

Then there is a section on adding bills to other bills for certain types of effects... from money they hand you to money in THIER wallet.

I teach my secret "swipe" change and my favorite "pinch" add on and switch.

There is a section methods of using a Thumb Tip (TT). And, yes, it can all be done impromptu withOUT one.

The main method for showing hands empty (besides the bill you borrow for instance... several trick options) while moving two bills around is great fun. It is just so cool to handle bills like that... and I wish the preview on Ellusionist showed more of that type of handling... to me, the preview they did is quite straight forward and is keeping a ton for those who buy it. This main “non-gimmick” handling is just gold. It is broken down step by step a couple times in a couple ways. I just love this handling because you do not just fold and unfold... You borrow, show front and back, show both hands empty, then it is switched. It was fun to see finally edited and taught so energetically.

Crap, I'm pumped over this since I just watched it just now. I really did forget how much material was there. I truly hope it makes many of you very happy. I'm NOT trying to HYPE this as much as just express exactly what I saw in the order in which I saw it... (I took some notes you see...)

NOW, at 1 hour and 20 minutes, we finally hit the effects! AT this point, you have a set of options like a chess game and I show you how to put them together in any order to create endless tricks. I also break down a handful of effects step by step so you get it.

I teach some psychology miscalling jazz which enhances your magic... that's the best magic I’ve ever done in my life. :)

You learn the basic routines... you learn an effect where the money someone gives you is verified and when you vanish the bill it is BACK IN THEIR WALLET... and it is easy.

I teach a full dollar to lemon/orange effect with torn corner receipt handling and matching serials, etc...

I teach how to make serial numbers vanish completely OFF the dollar... and make them reappear.

For those who have Tagged, it shows how to combine effects and have the serial number vanish from a borrowed bill and reappear ON someone’s body.

There are concepts at wrap up on handling, lighting, making dollars appear in sugar packets, pens, using other magicians, taking advantage of cashiers, etc.

It is killer for being a "dollar trick" dvd.... because it has sooo much more. I think you'll love it as much as I have. I hope the extras kick your ass and make you very happy campers.

Cheers, RICH