The Art of Modern Conjuring: For Wizards of All Ages
Henri Garenne
Gramercy (2004)
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Magic tricks
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Garenne, Henri: The Art of Modern Conjuring
©2004 Gramercy
Hardback, 224 pages

Comments:From the Introduction, "I have written this work not as an exposure of the art of Conjuring and Magic, but simply to act as a guide for amateurs and young beginners; therefore I shall enumerate many tricks and illusions that my young friends can perform at home amongst their numerous friends. In addition to this, I shall also enumerate those tricks and illusions which demand a larger amount of room, and also require specially constructed apparatus; such tricks the amateur would do well not to attempt, as they are only suitable for performance on a stage. I shall give a description of most of the numerous tricks and illusions as performed by most of the leading "wizards" of the past and present day. I shall also give a detailed account of many of the so-called spiritualistic illusions, manifestations, and seances, also a few hints and remarks upon the so-called latest novelty, thought-reading."

Reprints have been published in hardcover by Gramercy Books 2004 (ISBN-13: 9780517223550), Clarkson Potter Publishers 2001 (ISBN-13: 9780609608296)

Not to be confused with "The Art of Modern Conjuring and Drawing Room Entertainment" written by Anonymous in 1909, England. That book contains a section on Shadowgraphy, and is available from


1 Chapter 1 Introduction
1 The Author's Views and Intentions
2 Rules to Be Remembered
3 The Magician's Wand
4 The Magician's tables
7 The Magician's Dress
8 Talking to the Audience

9 Chapter 2 Hints on Palming
9 Preliminary Remarks
11 Modes and Methods of Palming - Palming Coins
12 Passes With Coins
12 - First Pass
13 - Second Pass
14 - Third Pass "Le Tourniquet"
15 - Fourth Pass "La Pincette"
16 Cautions Respecting Passing
16 Utility of Passes
17 Ringing

18 Chapter 3 Tricks With Cards
18 Cards and Cardplaying
19 Suitable Cards for Card Tricks
19 To Make the Pass
19 - First Method with Both Hands
20 - Second Method With Both Hands
22 - Third Method With Left Hand Only
23 - Fourth Method With Either Hand
24 - Fifth Method With Right Hand
24 To Force A Card
26 To Make False Shuffles
26 - First Method of Making a False Shuffle
27 - Second Method of Making a False Shuffle
27 To Palm a Card
28 To Change a Card
28 - Another Method With One Hand Only
29 To Get Sight of a Drawn Card
30 To Draw Back a Card
30 To Make Four Cards Change From Eights to Twos, and From Black to Red
32 To Nail a Chosen Card to the Wall
33 To Change the Ace of Clubs to the Ace of Diamonds
34 The Rising Card Trick
37 Catching a Card on the Point of a Sword
39 To Make a Card Stand Upright on the Table
40 The Mechanical Card Box
42 The Card and Bird Box
42 Mechanical Cards
43 The Spelling Bee Trick
45 The Three Card Trick
47 The Card Table

49 Chapter 4 Tricks With Coins
49 To Make a Quarter and a Penny Change Places
50 To Pass Two Marked Coins Wrapped in Separate Handkerchiefs Into One Handkerchief
50 To Pass a Marked Penny Into the Center of an Orange
52 The Multiplied Coins
53 To Pass Three Coins Into a Tumbler
54 To Change a Quarter Into a Penny
56 The Flying Coins and Handkerchief
58 To Cause a Coin to Leave a Handkerchief and Pass Into an Orange Covered With a Glass
59 The Multiplying Money Plate
60 The Rattling Coin Box
61 The Pepper Box
62 The Plug Box
64 The Magic Cabinet
65 The Miraculous Money Casket
67 The Vanishing Plate
68 The Tray of Proteus
69 To Pass a Penny Into a Corked Bottle

72 Chapter 5 Tricks with Rings
72 The Vanishing Ring
73 To Pass a Ring from One Hand onto Any Finger of the Other
74 The Suspended Ring
74 To Pass a Ring from the Center of a Handkerchief into a Real Egg
76 To Pass a Ring Through a Table

77 Chapter 6 Tricks with Handkerchiefs
77 The Vanishing Handkerchief
78 The Handkerchief that Cannot Be Tied
78 The Knotted Handkerchiefs
80 The Rope and Handkerchief
80 The Demon Handkerchief
81 How to Exchange a Borrowed Handkerchief for a Substitute
81 The Magic Plumes
82 To Produce a Shower of Sweets from a Borrowed Handkerchief
83 To Produce any Number of Eggs from a Handkerchief

86 Chapter 7 Tricks with Balls
86 The Cups and Ball Trick
88 The Ball Box
89 The Red and Black Ball Vases
89 To Change a Ball Into a Rose
90 The Obedient Walking Ball

92 Chapter 8 Tricks With Hats
92 Suitable Introduction to Hat Tricks
93 The Cannonballs
95 A Dozen Babies from a Hat
95 To Produce a Hundred Goblets from a Hat
96 A Dozen Handbags from a Hat
97 To Produce Two Birdcages from a Hat
98 To Produce Two Hundred Yards of Colored Ribbon from a Hat

100 Chapter 9 Miscellaneous Tricks
101 To Cut a Piece off a Person's Nose
102 To Pass an Egg Into a Bottle
102 The Cut String Restored
103 The Mysterious Columns
104 The Mysterious Balls and String
105 The Chinese Rope, Coat, and Rings
106 The Magical Mirror
107 To Pull Yards and Yards of Paper From Your Mouth
107 Blood Writing on the Arm
108 The Dancing Sailor
109 The Enchanted Dancing Skeleton
111 To Produce Eggs from a Person's Mouth
111 The Magic Coffers
112 The Orange and Rice Trick
114 The Flying Glass of Water
116 To Change a Bowl of Ink into a Bowl of Water
117 The Mysterious Pigeon
118 To Produce Colored Ribbons from a Bottle of Water
118 The Egyptian Pyramids
120 The Magic Funnel
121 To Change a Bottle of Wine into a Vase of Flowers
123 To Change a Box of Bran into a Bottle of Wine
125 The Drawer Box
126 The Unfolding Drawer Box
128 Changing Caddies
130 The Magical Caddy and Vase
134 The Inexhaustible Box
135 The Demon's Cauldron
138 To Cause a Rose to Appear in a Glass Vase
139 The Chinese Ring Trick

143 Chapter 10 Stage Tricks and Illusions
143 Apparatus for Stage Tricks
143 The Plain Trap
144 The Wrist Trap
145 Dove or Rabbit Trap
146 The Changing Trap
148 The Bellows Table
149 The Magic Picture and the Chosen Cards
150 The Magic Bell
151 The Crystal Cash Box
153 The Demon Drum
153 The Electrical Table
154 The Aerial Suspension
157 The Indian Basket Trick
159 The Sphinx or Decapitated Head
162 The Globe of Fish and the Living Head
164 The Living Head in a Bottle
166 The Mysterious Head
167 The Bodiless Lady
168 A Lady Suspended in the Air Without Any Visible Support
172 The Thauma Illusion

177 Chapter 11 Spiritualistic Illusions, Seances, and Manifestations
177 Spiritualism: An Imposture
177 The Sack Feat
179 The Spiritualistic or Animated Skull
180 The Spiritualistic Collar and Handcuffs
183 The Protean Cabinet
185 The Davenport Brothers' Feat
189 The Ghost Illusion

192 Chapter 12 Thought Reading
192 The Art Possible to All
193 Planchette
194 Thought Reading Explained
195 How to Begin in Thought Reading
196 Subsequent Progress to the Art
196 A Simple Experiment
197 Reading Papers Written by the Audience

202 Chapter 13 Conclusion

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Cards, coins, rings, and even the human predilection for wonder may all be expertly manipulated with the help of this expert guide to favorite tricks and illusions of the magician's art. Professor Henri Garenne, the urbane author of this manual on conjuring, intended it as a "guide for amateurs and young beginners." Starting with the basics of palming objects and using props, and progressing through more than 200 tricks, this distinctive volume is a rich resource for the new magician or the armchair prestidigitator.

The lessons involve cards, coins, rings, balls, and handkerchiefs. They explain mesmerizing tricks like The Flying Glass of Water and To Produce Eggs from a Person's Mouth. Even more astounding are The Indian Basket trick, The Living Head in a Bottle, and-for a truly stupendous effect-A Lady Suspended in the Air Without Any Visible Support! And those looking for instruction in ventriloquism and thought reading will not be disappointed. The secrets are here. Elegant vintage engravings demonstrate the tricks and add to the charm of Professor Garenne's delightful treatise.