Magic Without Apparatus
Fleming Book Co. (1945)
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Gaultier, Camille I.L.D.: Magic Without Apparatus
©1945 Fleming Book Co., NJ
Hardcover, 6.25x9.5", 527 pages

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Comments: "A Treatise on the Principles, Old & New, of Sleight - of - Hand with Cards, Coins, Billiard Balls & Thimbles". Translated by Jean Hugard, edited by Paul Fleming, Ph.D., illustrated by Frederick Braue and drawings by Donna Allen.


v Preface
xi Camille Gaultier, I.L.D.

1 Introduction
1 Magic and Magicians in France
6 The Literature of Magic
51 General Observations on the Technique and Presentation of Magic

61 Part One - Cards
61 Introduction
62 Chapter I Basic Card Sleights
128 Chapter II Card Flourishes
150 Chapter III The Back and Front Palm with Cards and Manipulations Connected Therewith
196 Chapter IV Tricks with Cards

245 Part Two - Coins
245 Introduction
249 Chapter I Basic Coin Sleights
293 Chapter II The Back and Front Palm with Coins, Other New Coin Sleights, and New Coin Flourishes
337 Chapter III Tricks with Coins

361 Part Three - Billiard Balls
361 Introduction
365 Chapter I Billiard Ball Sleights
426 Chapter II Tricks With Billiard Balls

465 Part Four - Thimbles
465 Introduction
467 Chapter I Thimble Sleights
505 Chapter II Tricks With Thimbles

517 Index

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