The Bobo magic show
Bobo, J.B.
Magic, inc (1984)
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Bobo, J.B.: The Bobo Magic Show
©1984 Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 190 pages
©1984 Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
Hardcover, 190 pages

Comments: Entertaining Children, including planning, openers, and lots of child-friendly tricks.


5 How it All Happened
10 The Joy of Entertaining Children
12 The Road to Success in School Assembly Shows
13 The School Show
14 The Way to Go
16 A Useful Approach
17 Note on Angle Tricks
18 Do the Trick!
19 Using Kids From the Audience
21 Gags, Jokes & Bits of Business
23 Packing
24 Opening Patter
26 Programs
28 Audacity
30 Building Your Own Apparatus
32 Silk to Cane
32 The Jumping Jack
34 Japanese Flower Trick
35 Comedy Blooming Bouquet
36 Color Change and Fountain of Silks
39 Passing the Salt
40 The Vanishing Coke Bottle
41 Jensen Card in Balloon
44 Two and Two Make Five
45 Cat and Canary
48 Senator Crandall's Gamblers' Nightmare
49 Skull and Crossbones 20th Century
52 Comedy Coin & Tipsy Bottle
57 Comedy Cooking Routine
61 Botania
62 Por Mor
64 Stage Paddle Trick
65 Flippo
66 Torn and Restored Napkin
68 Soft Soap
69 Sympathetic Silks
72 Serpent Silk
72 Up Fido!
73 The Rice Bowls
75 The Woofle Dust Caper
79 Just For Fun
87 The Bobo Jap Box Routine
94 Blendo and Flowers
95 The Water Lota
95 Leopard Silk
96 Three in One Rope Trick
98 The Sliding Knot
99 Instant Art
101 Mutilated Parasol
103 ABC Trick
105 Blooming Idot Trick
109 Dietrix
111 Improved Jumpo Phanto Spheres
115 Candle Tube Routine
121 P-Can and Funnel Routine
125 Candy Vase Routine
132 Skull, Casket, Silks, and Flag
135 Wikerjil and the Nothing Opener
136 Rising Card Thru Silk
138 The Ethereal Silk
140 Silk Vanish or Change
142 A Comedy Routine
148 Optical Illusion Routine
151 Close Up Magic for Kids
160 A Lesson in Sleeving
163 Ultra Card Stab
164 Pop Over Card
166 The Business End of the Fun-Business
176 Love Letters to a Magician
182 Bobo Poster Ideas
184 Bobo the Magician (David Goodsell)
187 Ben Stone on Bobo

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No. of Pages 189
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
J. B. Bobo
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J. B. Bobo (February 11, 1910 – September 12, 1996) was born in Texarkana, Arkansas and christened with those initials only. His French immigrant great-grandfather, Jean Beaubeaux, had anglicized the family name.

His family moved to Canada when he was twelve about the time he got interested in magic. Bobo later returned to Texarkana at age nineteen, where he started to perform locally. He met and married Lillian Carlow, who became part of his act. The Bobos traveled around giving school shows. At their peak, they performed 400 to 450 shows a year. It has been estimated that they gave more than 14,000 school shows over fifty year career.

In 1947, Bobo started to put many of his magic ideas into books that earned him a worldwide reputation. Bobo also excelled as an artist, cartoonist, photographer, cinematographer, and craftsman. He designed his own flyers and posters, and he made many of his own trick apparatus.

In 2006, a DVD tribute was created, which featured an interview, a complete children's performance by him and his wife, along with demonstrations and explanations of many of his tricks.

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•Modern Coin Magic (1952)
•New Modern Coin Magic (1966)
•The Bobo Magic Show (1984)
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