Forging Ahead In Magic
Booth, John Nicholls
Kanter's Magic Shop (1939)
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Magic tricks
Booth, John, B.A.: Forging Ahead In Magic
©1939 Kanter's Magic Shop, Philadelphia
Hardcover, 134 pages

IComments: "The secrets of successful magicians...not their tricks...but the practical ideas and business methods whereby they have gained prominence and profit."

Contents (Chapters):

vii Introduction (William W. Larsen)
ix A Word from the Author

1 Part One: Before the Curtain Rises

1 Chapter 1 Building the Magic Act: Special Openings; Essential Components of the Act; Closing Strongly; Encore Examples

11 Chapter 2 Creating a Setting: The Important Mazda Glow; The Power of Music; Care of the Hands, Face and Clothes

21 Chapter 3 Before the Performance: Position on the Bill; How to Get Off to a Good Start

29 Part Two: On the Stage

29 Chapter 4 The Style is the Thing: How to Find and Build Up Your Style; The Secret in Rehearsing

36 Chapter 5 The Voice of Experience: Be Your Own Playwright; The Key to Dramatic Voicing

43 Chapter 6 Personality and Showmanship: Development of Personality; Cultivating Performing Greatness

50 Chapter 7 How to Get More Applause

57 Part Three: Building Your Reputation

57 Chapter 8 Manufacturing Your Own Glamour: Curious Advertising Give-Aways

66 Chapter 9 Detailed Analysis of Newspaper Publicity: Handling Newspaper Interviews; Special Promotional Stunts; The Magician-Author; Sorcery Anecdotes Columnists Seek; These Stunts Paid Dividends

89 Chapter 10 They Want Your Picture!: News Picture That Count; Solving the Professional Photograph Problem

96 Chapter 11 The Magic of the Ether: Sketches, Interviews and Stunts; Writing Radio and Luncheon Club Addresses; Television Thaumaturgy

104 Chapter 12 Lucrative Direct Mail Ideas: Engaging a Press Agent

115 Part Four: Turning Talent Into Money

115 Chapter 13 Better Bookings and Safer Contracts: Booking Organizations Direct; Success in the Lyecum Field; Night Club and Vaudeville Problems; Pitfalls in Show Contracts

128 Chapter 14 How to Get Held Over: Conclusion

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The secrets of succesful magicians, not their tricks, but the practical ideas and business methods wherby they have gained prominence and profit,

Shares components of what to do before the curtain rises (special openings, Essential components of the act, closing strongly, encore examples, Creating a setting, Importance of Mazda Glow, Power of Music, Care of Hands, Face and Clothes, Before the Performance, Position on the Bill, How to get off to good start; On The Stage, How to find and build up your style, the Secret in Rehearsing, Be your own Playwright, The Key to Dramatic Voicing, Development of Personality, Cultivating Performing Greatness, How to get more applause and more!

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John Booth

Born John Nicholls Booth
August 7, 1912
Meadville, Pennsylvania
Died November 11, 2009

John Booth (1912 - 2009) was born John Nicholls Booth and became a successful nightclub magician before leaving magic in 1940 to pursue a career as a Unitarian minister.
A prolific author, he penned hundreds of articles on magic for Linking Ring, Sphinx, Genii and Magicol, as well as publishing Canada's magic magazine, Canadian Magician's Digest in 1929. In 1931, he organized Canada's first magic convention. In 1938 he also worked as "Jancini".

Booth eventually incorporated magic into his lectures and conducted the funeral service for Eugene Laurant. He was a world traveler and had climbed the Himalayas.

Booth was the author of the longest running column in Linking Ring Magazine of magic history called "Memoirs of a Magician's Ghost" which started in May 1963 and didn't conclude until January 2000 (435 monthly installments). The first 25 years of these writings were indexed by Ben Robinson and Amy Janiello and published as a book under the same title "Memoirs of a Magician's Ghost" (1988)

•1937 Sphinx Award
•1977 Academy of Magical Arts Literary Fellowship.
•1983 SAM Hall of Fame.
•1985 and 1988 H. Adrian Smith Literary Award
•1987 Magic Circle "John Nevil Maskelyne Prize".
•2000 Honorary Life Membership to the IBM

•Super Magical Miracles (1930)
•Forging Ahead in Magic (1939)
•Marvels of Mystery (1941)
•The John Booth Classics (1975) a reprint of the two previous books plus "A Conjurer's Reminiscences"
•Psychic Paradoxes (1984)
•Wonders of Magic (1986)
•Dramatic Magic (1988)
•Creative World of Conjuring (1990)
•Conjurian's Discoveries (1992)
•The Fine Art of Hocus Pocus (1996)
•Keys To Magic's Inner World (1999)
•Extending Magic Beyond Credibility (2001)