Marvels of Mystery
Booth, John Nicholls
Kanter's Magic Shop (1953)
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Booth, John: Marvels of Mystery
A Professional Magician's Textbook of Conjuring Masterpieces
©1941 M. Kanter, Kanter's Magic Shop, PA, 3rd printing 1946
©1953 M. Kanter, Kanter's Magic Shop, PA,
Hardcover, 146 pages

Comments (Zigby7): This book of magic gives the complete details of the author's tricks, routines and original ideas as used in his acts. It contains 25 completely routines masterpieces: Booth's $25 Blendo; his $100 Stack of Glasses Production; a prize Comedy BowTie trick; a knockout Hydrostatic Glass routine; Blindfold Finger Reading; a complete Card Gambling Lecture, etc. All practical, tested effects.


iv Frontispiece
ic Introduction by Mrs. Harry Houdini
xi Preface

15 Chapter One Opening Smartly
15 A Cannon Ball Opening!
19 Gentleman's Gloves to Milady's Bouquet
21 The Cups and Balls With Baby Chicks

33 Chapter Two Preliminary Trickery
33 Mind Controlling Matter
35 Can You Tie It?
38 Ne Plus Ultra Cards to Pocket
42 A Stage Hydrostatic Glass Illusion
46 Catching Goldfish in Mid-Air

53 Chapter Three Patter Pets
53 The Incredible Glass Penetration
54 The Coin In the Bottle
56 An Amazing Slate Prediction

61 Chapter Four For Intimate Workers
61 It's Extra Sensory Preception!
63 Thought Projection of Geometrical Designs
65 An Infallible Quick and Dead Test
67 Three Card Revelation

75 Chapter Five Feature Mysteries
75 Micky Mouse Magic
78 Fingers That Tell All!
83 Booth's Bewitching Board
89 Modern Chinese Linking Rings

97 Chapter Six Closing Masterpieces
97 East Indian Needle Swallowing Mystery
102 The Man Who Swallows Razor Blades
107 The Great Smoking Clay Pipes
111 The Brazilian Phantasy
115 Booth's Miracle Production
124 A Reliable Lightning Bird Cage Vanish

133 Chapter Seven For the Card Expert
133 Lay Your Cards on the Table!

143 Conclusion
143 Magic Tables and Routines

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John Booth

Born John Nicholls Booth
August 7, 1912
Meadville, Pennsylvania
Died November 11, 2009

John Booth (1912 - 2009) was born John Nicholls Booth and became a successful nightclub magician before leaving magic in 1940 to pursue a career as a Unitarian minister.
A prolific author, he penned hundreds of articles on magic for Linking Ring, Sphinx, Genii and Magicol, as well as publishing Canada's magic magazine, Canadian Magician's Digest in 1929. In 1931, he organized Canada's first magic convention. In 1938 he also worked as "Jancini".

Booth eventually incorporated magic into his lectures and conducted the funeral service for Eugene Laurant. He was a world traveler and had climbed the Himalayas.

Booth was the author of the longest running column in Linking Ring Magazine of magic history called "Memoirs of a Magician's Ghost" which started in May 1963 and didn't conclude until January 2000 (435 monthly installments). The first 25 years of these writings were indexed by Ben Robinson and Amy Janiello and published as a book under the same title "Memoirs of a Magician's Ghost" (1988)

•1937 Sphinx Award
•1977 Academy of Magical Arts Literary Fellowship.
•1983 SAM Hall of Fame.
•1985 and 1988 H. Adrian Smith Literary Award
•1987 Magic Circle "John Nevil Maskelyne Prize".
•2000 Honorary Life Membership to the IBM

•Super Magical Miracles (1930)
•Forging Ahead in Magic (1939)
•Marvels of Mystery (1941)
•The John Booth Classics (1975) a reprint of the two previous books plus "A Conjurer's Reminiscences"
•Psychic Paradoxes (1984)
•Wonders of Magic (1986)
•Dramatic Magic (1988)
•Creative World of Conjuring (1990)
•Conjurian's Discoveries (1992)
•The Fine Art of Hocus Pocus (1996)
•Keys To Magic's Inner World (1999)
•Extending Magic Beyond Credibility (2001)