The Illustrated Book Of Magic Tricks
Will Dexter
Abbey Library (1957)
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Magic tricks
Dexter, Will: The Illustrated Book of Magic Tricks
©1957 Murrays Sales and Service Co.,
Pub. by The Abbey Library, London
Hardcover, 143 pages

Comments: Illustrated by Stan Lane


7 Introduction
9 That Wonderful Wand
10 This Is A Magic Wand
11 Who's Knocking, It Must Be Spirits
12 Big Wand From Tiny Purse
13 Presto! It's Gone
14 The Ghostly Pencil
15 The Lazy Match
16 Where There's Smoke
17 The Anti-Gravity Matches
18 The Ghostly Match Boxes
19 A Light From Your Pocket
20 Sweet and Hot!
21 Vapour Of The Yogi
22 The Floating Candle
23 The Feast Of Candles!
24 A Double-Headed Coin!
25 Where Does The Money Go?
26 Who Has The Money?
27 Through The Fourth Dimension!
28 Your Coin, Sir!
29 Guess Which!
30 A Valuable Coin Sleight
31 1-2-3! Gone
33 Robbers And Sheep
35 The Homing Coins
37 Coin Passing
39 Bank Balance
40 Or - How To Spend Your Money And Yet Keep It
41 The Melting Coin
42 Cash-With Care
43 Into Thin Air!
44 Out Of Thin Air!
45 Penny In The Bun
46 The Bank Note Machine
47 The Secrets Of Palming
49 Remember These Card Magic Terms
50 The False Shuffle
51 Card Control!
53 X Marks The Spot!
54 Another Card Force
55 The Glide
56 2 Out Of 52
57 The Turnover Card
59 The Famous 4-Ace Trick
61 The Marvellous Stripper Pack!
63 The World's Longest Trick!
64 And I Shuffled The Cards Myself
65 Something Up Your Sleeve
66 The Boomerang
68 The Card On The Wall
69 The Card Through The Table
70 Five Choices
71 The Card With Four Sides)
72 Strong Man Stuff
73 The Romans Had A Word For It!
75 Jumping Colours
76 The Magic Circlet
77 The Obedient Orange
78 The Cube And Frame
80 The Snap Knot
81 A Trick With Polo - The Mint With The Hole!
82 Almost The Indian Rope Trick!
83 The Indestructible Rope!
84 Going Up!
85 Through The Tunnel
86 The String And The Straw
87 This Reef Knot Is A Slip-Knot!
88 The Knot That's Not!
89 A Houdini Escape
90 The Great Sack Escape!
91 Robin Hood Escapes Again
92 The Electronic Brain
94 Ghost In The Parlour
95 The Spirits Tell!
96 The Psychometric Boxes
97 The Number You Want!
98 A Baffling Book Mystery
99 The Dictionary Test
100 The Domino Mystery
101 The Spirit Writes!
102 Mathematical Mystery
103 More Mysterious Maths
104 The Sidereal Pendulum
105 The Mystery Of The Four Marbles
106 Ears At Your Finger Tips!
107 The Human Clock
108 Colour Sense
109 The Silent Spelling Bee
110 Two For The Price Of One
111 Special Edition! Extra!
113 The Rajah's Jewels
114 Can You Believe Your Eyes?
115 Dice Deception
116 I Only Cheat A Little
117 The Baffling Banana
118 You Can - They Can't
119 The Super Ring Vanish
120 The Ring And The Ball Of Wool
122 Full — empty!
123 The Topsy-Turvy Bottle
124 Solid Water!
125 A Quart Into A Pint Pot
126 The Sands Of The Desert
127 Water Becomes Wine!
128 The Restless Ball
129 Dry Water-By Magic!
130 Floating Sugar
131 Phantom Smoke
132 Atomic Bubbles
133 Magic Springtime
134 The Human Power Plant
135 The Colour.Changing Balloon
136 The Ghosts' Gallery
137 What? No Juice?
139 The Confetti Tube
141 The Spirits' Box
142 The Chest Of The Genii
143 The Rabbit Out Of The Hat
Product Details
No. of Pages 143
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf F
Condition Very Good
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Will Dexter
Born William Thomas Pritchard
September 13, 1906
St. Annes-on-Sea, England
Died November 05, 1985 (age 79)
St. Annes-on-Sea, England

Will Dexter (1906 - 1985) was a close-up worker, mentalist and writer.

Born William Thomas Pritchard in England, Dexter was a professional journalist who started in 1928. His duties were interrupted by World War II, in which he was later discharged as a Captain in 1945. He served as an editor for number of newspapers, and later as Editor and Publisher with Public Relations Industrial, London until his retirement in 1969.

In retirement, he became a Daily Telegraph crossword compiler.

He ghosted several books for Robert Harbin.

Dexter was a member of the Magic Circle, the British Ring, East Kent Magical Society, Nottingham Guild of Magicians and an Honorary Life Member of the Blackpool Magicians' Club.[1][2]

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