Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia Of Magic
Joseph Dunninger
Crown Publishers, Inc. (1988)
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Dunninger Joseph: Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia Of Magic
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Hardcover, w/dj, 9x11", 288 pages
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Hardcover, 288 pages
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Comments: from the intro, "Most of the material in these pages was originally published in three separate volumes under the title 'Dunninger's Popular Magic'. These books were published by Mr. Hugo Gernsback, one of the world's outstanding scientists and inventors. Some contributors to the original 'Popular Magic' publications were: Al Flosso, Dr. Jaks, Dr. Joseph Krauss, Walter B. Gibson, scientist H. Winfield Secor and numerous other important writers...In addition to all the important material from these volumes, numerous outstanding effects have been added, thereby bringin the Encyclopedia up to date."

Contents (from book):

5 Introduction
5 Magic For Everybody
11 The Blocks Of The Yogi
11 A Hindu Mystery
12 The Telephone Mystery
12 Sketch With Fire
12 Ice In Boiling Water
13 Simple Mental Telepathy
13 Unique Telephone Book Test
13 Mystic Slate Writing Cabinet
13 Reading Burned Message
14 Messages From The Great Beyond
14 A Clever Parlor Experiment
15 Spectacular Innovations
15 X-Ray Sight
15 Walking Through A Rope
16 Bank-Note Trick
16 Vanishing Tumbler
16 Dagger Through Cheek
16 Rising Card
17 A Few Master Mysteries
17 The Vanishing Horse And Rider
17 Impromptu Handkerchief Vanish
17 Catching Fish In Mid-Air
18 Mystifying Juggler Tricks
19 H. R. H. Prince Of Wales Astounded
20 Nights Of Mystery
20 The Mystic Fruit
20 Cutting Apple on Person's Neck
21 Striking Safety Matches on Shoes
21 The Magnetic Cigarette
21 The Reversing Colors
22 Crystal Gazing
22 The Bon-Bon Box Candy Vanish
22 Crystal Globe Visions All May See
22 Cigarette Paper Trick
23 Hypnotism As An Art
23 Angular Semi-Levitation
23 Reading Cards From Back
23 Empty And Full Wine Glass
23 The Knotting Handkerchiefs
24 Sleight Of Hand
24 Wine Bottle To Rabbit Change
24 Color Changing King Tut
24 Balancing Billiard Ball On Card Fan
24 A Simple Mind Reading Effect
25 The Mysterious Box
25 Passing Vase Through Glass
25 The Disappearing Candle
25 The Color Writing Pencil
25 Trick Match Box Holder
26 A Miracle Man’S Methods
26 Tom And Restored Card
26 The Vanishing Paper Matches
26 The Mystic Coin And Glass
26 A Flashlight Load
27 A Ball And A Sieve
27 Rising And Falling Ball
27 Hands Dipped In Water Remain Dry
27 Gravity Defying Glass
27 Sieve Full Of Water
28 Tricks For Lyceum And Club
28 The Phantom Card Mystery
28 The Spirit Colors
28 The Trained Goldfish
28 Whistle On String
29 The Zodiac Mystery
29 The Iron Spider
29 Coin Monte
29 The Dyeing Matchboxes
29 Cigarette Vanish
30 The Mysterious Painting
30 The Vanishing Drawing
30 Full To Empty Cigarette Box Change
30 Full And Empty Wine Glass
30 Rose Produced From Wand
31 Off The Beaten Trail
31 Mysterious Beer Drinking Glasses
31 The Spirit Rapping Hand
31 Vanishing Ink From Bottle
31 Silk Production From Empty Glass
32 Some Unique Effects
32 The Disappearing Table
32 Candle To Flag Change
32 The Red And White Pencil
32 Producing Wine From Paper Tube
33 A Sharpsriooting Magician
33 Handkerchief Dyeing Bottle
33 Coin Vanish
33 Tom And Restored Card
33 Bow And Arrow Technique
34 Simple Mysteries Thrill Many
34 Reading Cards Face Down
34 The Hypnotized Teaspoons
34 The Vanishing Ring
34 The Disappearing Statue
35 The Magician Is The Life Of The Party
35 Canary In Electric Light Bulb
35 Billiard Ball Balanced On Wand
35 Silk Handkerchief In Corked Bottle
35 Thimble Through Kerchief Effect
36 Stage And Lyceum Tricks
36 Gold Fish Vanish From Bowl
36 The Vanishing Midget
36 Rabbit From Closed Opera Hat
36 Red To White Billiard Ball
37 The Magic Wand
37 Cabinet For Vanishing Lady
37 Full To Empty Match Box Change
37 The Jumping Black Checker
37 The Clock Dial Mystery
38 The Conjurer’S Art
38 Rising And Falling Skull
38 Producing Kerchief From Spool Of Thread
38 Explosive Soap Bubbles
38 Visible Handkerchief Exchange
39 The Magnetism Of Magic
39 Invisible Billiard Ball Toss
39 A Non-Magnetic Magnet
39 Vanishing Card Spots
39 Handkerchief Appearance On Wand
40 Simple Deception
40 Appearing Flower Bouquet
40 The Hat Brush Load
40 The Paddle Selector
40 A Coin Pull
41 Home Stunts For Amateurs
41 The Vanishing Radio Set
41 Reading Through Card Box
41 Matches To Handkerchief Change
41 Cut And Restored Handkerchief
42 Seeing Is Believing
42 Three Coin Vanish And Appearance
42 Removing A Thumb
42 Stand For Changing Bran To Water
42 Rising Card Effect
43 Showing Them How
43 Flower Producing Cone
43 Unique Card Frame
43 The Educated Beetle
43 The Black Ace Change
44 Keeping Them Guessing
44 Production Of Spirits For Mediums
44 Coin Shower From Finger Tips
44 Billiard Ball To Handkerchief Change
44 The Mystic Skull
45 How Professionals Do It
45 Cut And Restored Derby With Load
45 Burned And Restored Bank-Note
45 Handkerchief Tying Cylinder
45 Liquid From Finger-Tips
46 Manipulating For Fun
46 The Spirit Medium’S Chair
46 The Disappearing Coin
46 The Vanishing Table Lamp
46 The Sinking Ball
47 Behind The Scenes With Magic
47 The Floating Ball (New Version)
47 Handkerchief In Glas9 Vanish
47 Table Rapper For Spirit Seances
47 Disappearance From Tank Of Water
48 The Perfect Mysteries
48 Flower Growth In Tent
48 Vanishing Bottle
48 Messages From Sealed Envelopes
48 Color Changing Tube
49 Stage And Parlor Tricks
49 Shooting Through Plate Glass
49 The Magnetic Knife
49 Productions From An Opera Hat
49 The Magnetic Wand Tip
50 The Spooks Of Magic
50 Production Of Spirit Pictures
50 Vanishing Glass Of Wine From Tray
50 The Ghost Frame For Messages
50 Reading Cards From Back
51 Paper Tricks
52 Lifting Stunts For Your Parlor
53 Optical Illusion
53 Hero’S Fountain
53 Fire Under Water Stunt
54 Parlor Sorcery
55 Popular Home Magic
56 Parlor Juggling
57 Stunts For The Smoker
58 Handkerchief Tricks
59 Scientific Match-Box Puzzles
60 Balloon Tricks
61 Chemical Magic
62 Scientific Tumbler Tricks
63 Easily Performed Match Tricks
64 Dice Tricks Simplified
65 Scientific Coin Puzzles
67 Hero’S Magic Horse
68 Sawing A Woman In Half
69 Trick Stage Makes Dwarfs
70 How Electricity Makes Possible Modern
70 Stage Wonders
70 Revolving And Elevating Stage Floors
71 Mysteries Of Stage-Craft
72 Water Snow And Rain Effects
72 Sun Moon And Star Effects
72 Miscellaneous Stage Tricks
73 Scene Painting
73 Plaster Masks Simply Made
74 Mystic Feats Of Hindu Fakirs
76 Modern Magic And How They Do It
77 Scientific Stage Illusions
77 Man In Hot Oven Trick
77 The Disappearing Elephant
77 The Electrified Glass Trunk
77 The Mail-Bag Escape
78 The Mirror And Watch Trick
78 Milk-Can Trick And Steel Boiler Escape
78 Man And Girl Transformation
78 Electric Snow Storm
79 The Cause Of Illusions
79 The “Talking Table”
79 Balancing Egg
80 The Magic Spirit Bell
81 Construction Of The Bell And Stand
81 Tricks With The “Fixed Pack”
81 The Steam Carousel
81 Optical Illusion
81 Match Box Trick
82 The Magic “Fire-Bowl”
83 An Interesting Card Trick
83 Thimble Ice Factory
83 Parlor Trick
84 The “Talking Skull“
85 Mysterious Shadow Illusion
86 The Rapping Hand
87 Ghost Spectacle For Amateur Stage
87 “Spirit” Slate-Writing
88 The Mystic Roulette Wheel
89 “Silvered Egg”
89 Inertia Experiment
89 Orange Fireworks
90 The Coin Wand
91 “Perpetual Motion” Advertising Device
92 The Wonder Fountains
93 Three Magic Pencils—A Magnetic Hoax
94 Parlor Tricks Easily Performed
94 The Three Colored Candles
94 The Disappearing Coin
95 The Dancing Playing Card
95 The Moving Ring Trick
95 A Poker Game Trick
95 "This Clock Tells “Bug Time"""
95 The “Magic Wand”
96 A Few Good Parlor Tricks Without Apparatus
96 Five Card Monte
96 The Disappearing Card
97 The Rings Of Hindustan
97 Electrical Spirit Writing
98 Japanese Lanterns And Parlor Tricks
98 The Disappearing Goblet
99 Lanterns From Nowhere
99 Chemical Stunt
99 Water And Oil Experiments
99 Coin Trick
100 The Black And White Slates
101 Mystification In Candle Tricks
102 Shooting Through A Woman
103 Hindu Rope Trick Exposed
103 How To Make An Ammonia Fountain
104 The Mysterious Candles
105 Mystic-Colored Shadow Star
106 The Obedient Candles
107 Paper Butterflies That Fly
107 Musical Glasses
107 Will-O’-The-Wisp
108 Chemical Entertainments
108 Pocket Shocking Coil
109 Tricks Of Mediums
112 Science Odds And Ends
114 The Magic In Physics (Illusions)
115 Mysterious Japanese Mirror
115 Magic “Setting Sun“ Picture
116 Allah's Candle
116 The Enchanted Cornucopia
116 Ultra-Coin Trick
117 The Headless Wizard
118 Candle-Eating
118 The Spirited Match
119 Anti-Gravitational Chair
119 A Matchless Problem
120 The Floating Glass
120 Powerful Spirits
120 Mesmerized Pencil
121 Pharaoh’9 Finger
122 The Magical Dummy
123 Rainbow Water
124 The Haunted Eye-Glasses
124 A Voice in the Dark
125 Fire-Water
125 A Rapid-Fire Magician
126 Buried Alive—India's Greatest Mystery
128 Ice and Cigarette Trick
128 The Spirit Table
129 Mystic Coin Trick
130 The Educated Coin
130 A Magnetic Pencil
131 The Vanishing Cigar
132 A Matchless Match Trick
132 The Obedient Card
133 Ghostly Power
134 A New Ink Trick
135 The Ghost Production
136 Enchanted Candles
136 Queer Arithmetic
137 A Blotter Trick
138 Watch Out
138 The Topsy-Turvy Pencil
139 Eggs Extraordinary
140 The Pellet Trick
140 The Spirit Of The Sweets
141 Mystic Jugglery
142 The Disappearing Coin
142 A Spiritual Apparition
143 The Spinning Half Dollar
144 Mercury’S Coin
145 Chameleon Wand
145 The Devil’S Key Ring
146 The Jumping Spoons
146 Wonder Blocks
147 The Mesmerized Tumbler
148 The “Sole” Of The Wizard
148 The Enchanted Pellet
149 Novel Card Rising Effect
150 The Enchanted Chapeau
150 The Colors Of Diablo
151 Hypnotized Cards
152 Improved Candle And Handkerchief Trick
152 Lights Out
153 A New Cigar Trick
154 Twentieth-Century Cabinet Illusion
155 A New Lemon Trick
156 A Novel Transformation
156 The Musical Fork
157 The High Priest Of Baal
158 The Magnetic Cigar
158 Enchanted Mirror
159 The Spooky Dollar Piece
160 Improved Miser's Dream
161 The Obedient Time-Piece
161 Bewitched Oranges
162 The Reverso Match Trick
162 The Crystal Casket
163 The Penetrating Handkerchief
164 The Ghostly Key
164 The Book Of Mystic Knowledge
165 The Obedient Eggs
166 Which Is Which?
167 Enchanted Ashes
168 Cigarette-To-Handkerchief Transformation
168 A Chameleon Glove
169 A Strange Disappearance
170 The Traveling Table-Knife
170 Paper Levitation
171 The Devil’S Touch
172 Flying Goblets
173 Multiplying Cigar
173 The Balancing Ace
174 Cagliostro’S Telephone
176 Demon Decanters
177 Wizardry Unusual
178 The Wizard’S Bonnet
178 Enchanted Handkerchief Production
179 Mental Wizardry
180 A Chinese Ball Mystery
180 A Card And Flag Trick
181 The Spirited Hat
182 The Disobedient Match
182 Trick Sugar
183 The Crystal Clock
184 King Tut’S Coffin
185 Indian Snake Pot
185 Magical Fingers
186 Puppets—How To Make And Operate Them 186
186 The Head Making The Mold
187 Making The Head Altering The Features
188 Painting Hair Moveable Mouths
188 Body Construction
189 Dimensions For 14 Inch Figure
190 The Controller Stringing The Puppet
191 The Professional Controller
192 Special Effects The Balloon
192 The Turn-Over Doll
192 Trick Changing Puppets
193 The Dancing Skeleton Animals
194 The Ball Juggler The Pole Balancer
195 The Contortionist
195 Vaudeville Puppets Scenery
196 Forest Scene Forest Cottage
196 Simple Interior
196 Interior Of A Farm Cottage
197 Other Scenes
197 Manipulating The Puppets
197 Controlling The Strings The Stage
199 Giving The Performance
199 The Match And Box Trick
200 Mental Telepathy De Luxe
200 Wand Vanish De Luxe
200 The Phantom Derby
200 Enchanted Goblet
201 A Mind Reading Secret
201 Production Cylinder
201 Ball Catching Wand
201 A Demon Houlette
202 The Rising Of The Cards
202 Anything To Please!
203 The Idol Of Han
203 Name My Card!
204 Magical Marksmanship
205 Discovered!
205 A Useful Piece Of Apparatus
206 Mystic Card Discovery
206 The Hindu’S Gift
207 Mystic Flying Card
207 The Eyes Deceive
208 Transference Of Thought
209 The Glass Bowl Vanish
210 Novel Card Painting
211 Marvelous!
211 Thought Foretold
212 Into Thin Air
212 The Sultan's Favorite
213 Invisible Penetration
214 The Dream Of King Midas
215 Card Manipulation Simplified
215 Egg*Straordinary
216 Magical Multiplication
217 Magnetic Hand
218 The Coin That Vanished
218 The Passing Of The Phantom Coins
220 Magical Transformation
220 Magical Jugglery
221 The Cigarette From Nowhere
221 The Glass And Coin Trick
222 The Clinging Cigar
222 Pigeons From Hat
223 Out Of The Air
223 The Disappearing Lady
224 The Demon's Matches
224 Shooting Through A Glass
225 Ghostly Music
226 Psychic Messages
227 Spirit World Messages
227 The Hypnotic Cane
228 Color Telep-Athy
229 Hark Ye Spirits!
229 Second Sight
230 Hat Of Mystery
230 The Sphere Dissolves!
231 The Mystery Box
232 Goodness Gracious Me!
232 As Ye Sow!
233 The Bell And Box Seance
233 Invisible Transportation
233 Handkerchief Production
233 Water Pitcher Load
234 Silence and Numbers
234 The Mystic Block
235 Startling Reproduction Effect
235 Where Is the Ring5
236 Find the Lemon
236 The Mesmerized Knife
237 The Miracle Tube
237 A New Card Box
238 The Paper Problem
238 Accidents Will Happen
239 Unique Handcuff
239 The Mat Of Cagliostro
240 Something To Think About
240 Circlets Of Steel
241 Cabinet Of Transformations
241 The Miracle Slate
242 Trunk Escape
242 Chinese Box Trick
244 Japanese Magic
245 Improved Spirit Clock
245 The Phantom Cigarette
245 Multiplying Matches
246 Enchanted Oranges
246 Mystic Materialization
247 The Flower That Colors
247 Thought Waves
248 A Possible Impossibility
249 The Vanishing Lamp
249 The Enchanted Lemon
249 Cut And Restored Ribbon
250 The Dream Of Fu Chong
251 The Mystery Rose
251 A String Problem
252 Handkerchief Pencil
253 A Winged Ring
253 A Clever Pocket Trick
254 A Matter Of Fancy
255 A Timely Bill Trick
255 The Hand Stocks
256 Watch The Watch!
256 Bill And Pencil Mystery
257 Levitation Of Crystal
258 Hindu Sand Mystery
258 The Enchanted Cigar
258 Chinese Plate Problem
258 A Barrel Of Plenty
259 New Rising Card
259 A Mystic Smoke
259 The Ghost Flame
259 A Spirit Slate
260 The X-Ray Eye
260 Card Mind Reading Extraordinary
260 Mind Reading Calculator
260 Watch In Balloon
261 New Pipe Trick
261 Jumping Peg Pencil
261 Rubber Band Palm
261 The Patriotic Liquids
262 Boxes Of Plenty
262 Miraculous Eggs
262 The Obedient Ball
262 The Puzzle Blocks
263 The Chameleon Bands
263 The Mystic Bread
263 The Paper Birds
263 Colored Liquids
264 A New Coin Box
264 Hindu Rice Trick
264 Columbus Outdone
264 The Enchanted Aquarium
265 Handkerchief And Confetti Trick
265 Mystic Knife Trick
265 Gold And Silver
265 The Obedient Spools
266 The Yogi Coin Illusion
266 The Crystal Houlette
266 Second Sight Mystery
266 Silks From Nowhere
267 An Annoying Telephone
267 The Diabolic Handkerchief
267 A Candle Transformation
267 A Tumbler Trick
268 The Tube of Plenty
268 The Yogi Bottle
268 Mind Reading
268 The Demon Billiard Ball
269 The Glass Chimney
269 New Card Mystery
269 Living or Dead
269 A Sponge Trick
270 Devil’s Finger Ring
270 Hypnotized Objects
270 Rising Cards from Hat
270 A Phantom Treat
271 Hercules’ Fingers
271 The Vanishing Bird
271 The Magnetized Wand
271 The Hindu Sacrifice
272 Mysterious Marksmanship
272 A Hindu Phenomenon
272 The Enchanted Balloon
272 Second Sight
273 The Cylinder from Olympus
273 Mephistopheles* Glass Plate
273 Rising Cards Improved
273 A Temple Buddha Mystery
274 Enchantment
274 The Board of Plenty
274 Mystic Box Trick
274 Passe-Passe Boxes
275 Vanishing Handkerchief
275 New Slate Effect
275 Enchanted Ballot Box
275 Spirit Raps In Broad Daylight
276 Enchanted Serpent Skull
276 Magnetism
276 Chameleon
276 Find The Ace
277 Flying Gold Fish
277 New Rising Cards
277 Flying Cigarettes
277 The Mystic Hand Of Dante
278 Improved Obedient Ball
278 An X-Ray Eye
278 The Vanishing Table
278 The Coin In The Egg
279 Mesmerized Salt-Cellar
279 Rope Comedy Trick
279 A New Thumb-Tie
279 Death-Defying Casket
280 Reading Burned Card
280 Chinese Lantern
280 The Mystic Bottle
280 The Mystic Box
280 Paper Magic
281 The Penetrating Eye
281 Another Vanishing Handkerchief
281 A Hindu Mystery
281 The Enchanted Perfume Vial
282 Popular Ventriloquial Entertainer
286 Spirit Pictures
286 Magic Tumbler
286 The Ghost Frame
286 Twentieth Century Mind Reading
287 Dunninger — An Autobiography

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Joseph Dunninger
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Joseph Dunninger

Joseph Dunninger, "The Master Mind of Modern Mystery".
Born April 28, 1892(1892-04-28)
New York, NY U.S.
Died March 9, 1975 (aged 82)
Cliffside Park, NJ, U.S.
Occupation magician, escapologist, mentalist.
Joseph Dunninger (April 28, 1892- March 9, 1975), known as "The Amazing Dunninger" was one of the most famous and proficient mentalists of all time. He was one of the pioneer performers of magic on radio and television.

He appeared on radio starting in 1943, and on television frequently in the 50s and 60s.

Dunninger had a standing offer of $10,000 to anyone who could prove that he used confederates or "stooges". He often said he could raise that offer to $100,000. Through the Scientific American Magazine and the Universal Council for Psychic Research, Dunninger made this offer to any medium who could produce by psychic or supernatural means any physical phenomena that he cannot reproduce by natural means or explain in convincing materialistic terms.

He headlined throughout the Keith-Orpheum Circuit, and was much in demand for private entertainment. At the age of seventeen he was invited to perform at the home of Theodore Roosevelt in Oyster Bay and at the home of the inventor Thomas A. Edison, both of whom were avid admirers of his mysticism.

Dunninger was a good friend to many notables in the magic community including Harry Houdini, Francis Martinka and The Shadow author Walter B. Gibson. He is said to have been a model for The Shadow.

He died of Parkinson's Disease at his home in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.


"My magical ability and digital dexterity, I mastered only after tireless practice and acute observation, finding that I have rather an uncanny mind for developing and solving mechanics of the craft. I have made the word "originality" a foundation for my magical doings." (Dunninger— An Autobiography)
"There is one primary rule in the fakery of spirit mediumship. That is to concentrate upon persons who have suffered a bereavement."

"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice." (Source: Memorable-Quotes.com)


^ "DUNNINGER DIES; MAGICIAN WAS 82; Billed Himself as 'Master Mind of Mental Mystery'", The New York Times, March 10, 1975. "Joseph Dunninger, who mystified millions as a magician and mind-reader for more than half a century, died yesterday of Parkinson's disease at his home in Cliffside Park, N.J."
^ The Secret Life of Houdini by William Kalush and Larry Sloman, Atria Books, 2006.


Dunninger self published many of his works, and others were published by inventor Hugo Gernsback. He also wrote articles in Science and Invention, Mechanix Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Fate, Atlantic Monthly and other magazines. A large percentage of these articles were ghosted by Walter Gibson.

Dunninger's Tricks De Luxe (1918)
Dunninger's Tricks Unique (1918)
Dunninger's Master Methods of Hypnotism (1923)
Popular Magic (1926)
Universal Second Sight Mysteries (1927)
Houdini's Spirit Exposes and Dunninger's Psychical Investigations (1928)
Popular Magic Vol. II (1929)
Popular Magic and Card Tricks (1929)
Inside the Medium's Cabinet (1935)
How to Make a Ghost Walk (1936)
What's On Your Mind (1944)
100 Houdini Tricks You Can Do (1954)
The Art of Thought Reading (1956)
Magic and Mystery: The Incredible Psychic Investigations of Houdini and Dunninger (1967)
Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic (1967)
Dunninger's Secrets as told to Walter Gibson (1974)
Dunninger's Monument to Magic (1974)
Dunninger's Book of Magic (1979)