Dusheck's Coin Magic (Dusheck magic series No. 2)
Steve Dusheck
American Magic Co (1992)
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Hardcover B0006EZYE2
Dusheck, Steve: Dusheck's Coin Magic
Dusheck Magic Series No. 2
Edited by James M. Klein
©1992 James M. Klein; American Magic Company, PA
Hardcover, 118 pages

Comments: Full of great coin tricks. Many of them "gimmicky", but able to make yourself (no need for commercial gimmicked coins, for the most part). Many of these effects were commercially marketed by Steve. Note: you'll need a bunch of steel playing cards to make all the gaffs in this book!


Dedication: to Tony Baronio
Foreword: by Mark DeSouza
1 Hybrid Coin: coins transfer hand to hand one at a time with help from a clever gimmick.
5 Double Knit Coin: how to make an use a version of a Hoo Coin
8 Eccentric: A penny changes almost instantly into a miniature penny, which when dropped into your other hand changes into a dime.
11 Innocent: A penny rests on a playing card and is pulled into your hand. It is tapped with the card, and changes into miniature penny. The mini-penny is tapped again, and grows back to normal size. All can then be examined.
14 Migration: four pennies assemble under a playing card
17 Capital Pennyshment: a clever "three shell game" type effect with pennies and plastic pill-box caps (gimmicked)
20 Shrinking Fluid: a quarter is dropped into a small cup of "shrinking fluid" (water) and turns into a small coin. The coin is removed with tweezers, the water poured out, and the dried cup can be examined. This principle has evolved into the "Miracle Cups and Coins" or "One Cup and Coins" effect.
23 Inner Sanctum: a penny dropped in a coin tube instantly changes into a dime, and then into a half dollar. All can be examined. Very clever!
27 Magnetic Chinese Ring Illusion: Modified version of the old trick where a ring with a piece of paper in it that blends in with the working surface causes a coin to vanish.
30 Turnover Penny: a penny resting on a playing card mysteriously turns over with a simple pass of a handkerchief. When handed to the spectator, she finds the penny glued to the card!
34 Coin Cordial: a penny and quarter are dumped out of a clear plastic cordial cup. The penny is placed on the table, and the cup is placed mouth down over the penny as he right hand with the quarter is smacked against the bottom of the cup. The quarter penetrates the cup and rests with the penny.
37 Two Timin' Dime: a paddle trick. A penny is placed over one end of a paddle stick and a miniature nickel appears on the end of the stick. The penny is placed under the stick, and when the stick is turned over, a 2nd nickel is on the other side. The penny is now held by the spectator, and on the paddle, both nickels appear side by side. The magician rubs the nickel off the paddle, and they vanish. When the spectator examines the penny, it is seen to have a miniature DIME embedded in it!
39 3 Mile Nukel: Another paddle effect with a nuclear reaction theme.
42 Concave Coin: A penny is looked at through a concave lens, and when the lens is removed, the penny is now miniature.
45 Concentric: a Jumbo penny changes into a regular sized penny, and then a miniature penny
49 Penny Pincher: a penny held in a clothespin is released into the hand, whereupon it vanishes.
53 Bill Fold: Special bill fold allows coins to vanish or change
57 The Dusheck Toss: Two coins are shown in one hand. When the hands are opened, one coin has traveled to the other hand. (sleight)
61 Jumbo Coin Retention Vanish: a jumbo coin vanish (using sleight of hand)
64 The Dusheck Drop: Coin vanish while taking a coin away from the opposite hands fingertip (sleight)
66 Tumble Vision: modified version of the Reiss Vanishing Coin & Glass Trick
70 All At Once: coin gimmick allows magician to penetrate 4 coins at once thru a table (other uses are possible)
72 Watch This: After a half dollar is vanished (in another trick), it is brought out and instantly changes into a watch. The half is now found inside the watch.
74 Jumbo Coin Catcher: magician catches multiple jumbo coins from the air
77 Jumbo Coin Fans: a fan of three jumbo coins appears at the fingertips
80 Blendo Pennies: a large penny and small penny are seen on a paddle where they vanish and merge into a single penny with a small one embedded on it
82 Penny Pile: a pile of 5 pennies instantly turns into a nickel
85 Solar Rebate: a dime instantly appears in a small plastic snap box
87 Auto Silk: a jumbo coin (or other item) appears in the center of a silk handkerchief
90 Half Back: a penny held in a Bulldog clip is dropped into your hand where it turns into a half dollar
95 Gold Rush: gold and silver color quarters transpose while inside plastic cases. All is examined at the end
97 The Klondike Kicker: as a follow up to the above effect, a gold quarter is seen in one case and a silver in the other. The coin vanishes from one case and a 50 cent piece is found in the other!
100 Locked, Chained, and Screwed: a practical and clever variation of the lost coin in nest of boxes routine.
103 Coin Magic (Questions and Answers): Steve answers questions on the use of gimmicks, jumbo coins, making a coin act, and more
117 About the Author: brief profile of Steve Dusheck w/photo
118 About the Editor/Publisher: brief profile of Jim Klein (no photo)

Full of great coin tricks. Many of them "gimmicky", but able to make yourself (no need for commercial gimmicked coins, for the most part). Many of these effects were commercially marketed by Steve. Note: you'll need a bunch of steel playing cards to make all the gaffs in this book!

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Dusheck, Steve
Invented: Wunderbar, Waltzing Matilda, Coin/Card, Surprise, Dusheck's Dollar, The oin and Cord, Half-a-Buck, Dusheck's Diminshing Cards, Dollar Punch, E.S.Pen,Dusheck's Copper/Silver Transpo,Pad-I-Add, Case of Identity, By the Handful, Great Pretender, Half Back, Poly-Gripped, Confounding Coffer, Quick Change, Lethal Tender, Gung Ho Deck Vanish, Funky, Shell-A-Bration, Washout, Touché, Ringer (2005) and the list keeps growing.
Wrote: Dusheck's Thumbtip Magic (1991), Dusheck's Coin Magic (1992), Dusheck's Card Magic (1992), Dusheck's Mental Magic (1993), Dusheck's Close Up Magic (1994), Dusheck's Force Fields,

Media: The 1982 Lecture DVD

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