Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets Of Card Magic
Lewis Ganson
The Supreme Magic Company (1960)
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Magic tricks
Great Britain  English
Comments (Uli Weigel): Another classic book with plenty of classic effects and techniques. The original "Twisting The Aces" is within these pages, as well as the famous "100$ Ace Routine", Vernon's "Oil and Water", mental masterpiece "Out of Sight-Out of Mind", great Chapters on the Riffle Shuffle, the Force and Crimps. A must.


4 Introduction

5 Chapter One: Twisting the Aces

9 Chapter Two: Think of a Card
9 Simple Arithmetic
12 Riffled Thought
13 Think of an Ace
14 Out of Sight-Out of Mind
16 Thought Transposed

20 Chapter Three: Oil and Water

26 Chapter Four: McDonald's $100 Routine

31 Chapter Five: The Notis Cascade

34 Chapter Six: Mainly Manipulaton
34 Allen Shaw's Card Production
36 Cardini's Card Production
38 Mosquito Parade

41 Chapter Seven: Magic With the Riffle Shuffle
41 Basic Formation of a Step
43 The Pull Through Shuffle
47 The Pull Out Shuffle
49 Retaining the Top Stock
49 Zarrow Füll Deck Control
51 Side Riffle Cut.
52 Transferring a Bottom Stock to the Top
53 Reversal of Bottom Cards
54 To Keep the Colours Separated
55 To Bring Cards to the Top

57 Chapter Eight: Crimps
57 Top Card Crimp
57 Corner Crimp
58 Whole Pack Crimp
58 Cut Crimp
59 Spring Crimp
60 Mexican Joe's Crimp
60 Snap Crimp

63 Chapter Nine: Cards to Pocket

70 Chapter Ten: Forcing A Card
70 The Classic Force
71 The Malini Force
72 The Riffle Force
73 Fan Force
74 Back to Back Force

76 Chapter Eleven: The Trick that Cannot Be Explained

82 Chapter Twelve: Vernon Touches
82 The Vernon Glide
84 The Push-Off Count
86 The Buckle Count

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Vernon, Dai
(1894 - 1992)

Stage name of David Frederick Wingfield Verner. Learned magic at age 8 from father, an amateur magician. One of the five original members of the New York "Inner Circle" by 1932. Voted one of the ten living Card Stars in 1938. Known worldwide as "The Professor". Moved to Hollywood in 1963, when he became resident magician at the Magic Castle.

Among his most famous inventions are Brain Wave / Ultra Mental Deck (1930)*, Triumph (by 1946), Travellers (by 1950), Twisting the Aces (by 1960), Depth Illusion (by 1961) and Stripout Addition.
* Dai Vernon published a description in the October 1938 (Issue 49, P. 341) issue of Jinx titled Brain Wave Deck, in which he mentions having invented the deck in 1930. The deck he describes there is what we call today the "Ultra Mental" deck. However, in the same article, Vernon mentions a variation by Paul Fox which turns out to be today's "Brainwave" deck. There are some web sites that incorrectly attribute the invention of the Brainwave deck to Ralph Hull. Our thanks to another of Vernon's creations, his son, Derek, for helping us research this and setting the record straight.