A New Look at Card Fans - Ganson’s Magic Teach-In Series
Lewis Ganson
The Supreme Magic Company (1978)
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Card tricks
Great Britain  English
Ganson, Lewis: A New Look at Card Fans
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series
©1978 1st edition The Supreme Magic Co., Ltd.
Paper, stapled, 32 pages

Comments (Lybrary.com): Lewis Ganson, himself a card fan expert, teaches his bits and pieces on that subject. Learn everything from how to treat your cards for perfect fanning, one hand fans, giant fans, etc. This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc. Rights are now owned by Martin Breese.


5 Appreciation
7 Introduction
7 The Origin of Card Fans
8 Cards Suitable for Fanning
9 Preparation of the Cards
10 Arranging the Cards
10 Forming Fans
11 Standard Fans
15 The Rosette
15 Magical Standard Card Fans
18 - To Close a Standard Fan
19 - Double Fan Separation
21 - The Flash Change
22 - Fan, Steal and Production
24 Giant Fans
24 - The First Fan
26 - The Second Fan
28 - To Square the Pack
28 - The Rip Off
28 - Waterfall Shuffle
30 The Spring Fan
31 - Single Handed Fans
32 - Magical Single Handed Fan
33 - Fan False Shuffle
34 The Routine
35 Conclusion

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