Magic With Cards - 113 easy-to-perform miracles with an ordinary deck of cards
Frank Garcia; George Schindler
David McKay Co (1975)
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Card tricks
Hardcover 0809839210
USA  English
Garcia, Frank & George Schindler: Magic With Cards
©1975, published by Reiss Games, Inc.
Illustrations by Ed Tricomi
Hardcover, 182 pages
ISBN-13: 9780809839216
ISBN-10: 0809839210

Comments: "113 Easy-To-Perform Miracles With An Ordinary Deck." My copy was originally packaged with the TV Magic Card Box. I've heard a rumor that there was some protest when this was originally released due to the effects in it being "too good for the general public." Given the strength of some of this material that's reasonably plausible. Rumors aside, this is an excellent book with some dynamite effects.


1 Foreword
5 Playing Cards--A Brief History

9 The Key Card
10 The "Key Card" Principle
10 Fingerprints Never Lie: Magician uses pair of glasses to scan ribbon-spread deck for "fingerprints" on selected card.
11 Tell the Truth: Card selected, magician goes through deck one at a time, spectator says, "That is not my card," magician knows when lying.
12 Royal Mounties: Two kings inserted into deck face up, card between them is selection.
13 From the Pocket: Spectator selects card, deck in magician's pocket, spectator reaches in and removes single card, which is the selection.
14 On Command: Spectator's chosen card appears fourth from top.
14 The Pulse Trick: Magician monitors spectator's pulse, finds selected card.
15 Marked: Spectator signs back of card, magician turns deck face up, finds card.
16 Get-Together: Magician, spectator each take half deck, select card, deck put together, chosen cards next to each other.
17 Wanna Bet?: Magician bets that next card turned over will be chosen card.
18 Reversed: Spectator's card reversed in deck.
19 A Quick Year: Numbers of cards dealt for weeks in a year, etc. Spectator's card on top of resulting pile.
20 In Between: Three cards selected, third selection only face up card in deck, cards on either side other two selections.
21 Blindfolded Location: Magician blindfolded, still finds selected card.
22 Magic 12: Spectator removes 12 cards, selects one, puts some of the rest in pocket, magician names how many in pocket and finds selected card.
23 A Trick From Down Under: Three to five cards selected. Spectators dealt packets of cards, eventually wind up holding their selected cards.
24 Too Tired: Spectator does all the work, selected card found.
25 Four Keys: Blindfolded magician names four selected cards.
27 In My Mind's Eye: Blindfolded magician never touches cards, names selected card.
Do As I Do: Two decks, magician's selection matches spectator's.
28 Three In A Million: Again, two cards are chosen, one by magician and one by spectator.

31 Spelling Tricks
32 Your Card Is Here: Spectator becomes magician, finds another spectator's card by spelling title of effect.
33 Double Speller: Two cards spelled to.
34 What's In A Name?: Spectator's name finds chosen card.
35 A Spell of Luck: Spectator spells to their card, finds the four Aces as well.
36 Spelling Test: Packet trick with multiple spellings.

39 Aces
40 European Aces: Three numbers chosen by spectators determine cards, magician cuts deck, reveals Ace, chosen cards also Aces.
42 Your Favorite Ace: Spectator deals four piles, Aces on top of each pile, Kings on bottom.
43 Four-Ace Opener: Spectator shuffles deck, magician holds deck behind back, finds Aces. Cards can be shuffled between each Ace.
44 Show-Off Aces: Four selected cards change to Aces.
46 Let's Find Aces: Random numbers allow magician to find Aces.
47 Cut the Kings: Spectator deals cards into two piles, each pile into two smaller, Kings on top, Aces directly underneath.
48 Women's Lib: Spectator cuts deck, redistributes cards into four piles, Queens on top.
49 Aces Follow Aces: Four piles of cards with one Ace each, Aces wind up in one pile.

51 Poker Tricks
52 Never Play With Strangers: Magician openly cheats in dealing, one spectator's hand wins.
54 Jacks Or Better: Spectator has three Jacks, magician winds up with three Aces.
55 I Win, You Lose: Spectator constantly gets odd card in their hand.
56 Poker Mental: Spectators dealt poker hands, each memorizes one card, magician finds them.
58 Poker Dream: Mixture of face-up, face-down cards, magician tells dream of playing poker with surprise finish.
60 Winning Aces: Spectator names number of hands to be dealt, magician winds up with pair of Aces.
61 Shoot-Out Poker: Spectators choose how many hands to be dealt and which shall win, magician deals, skipping winning place, after dealing, cards shoot out of deck to place winning hand at selected position.

63 The Force
64 The Force: Classic cross-wise force.
65 Comic Prediction: Prediction slectively erased to reveal chosen card.
66 Comic Touch: Prediction appears to be wrong, card shown to be torn with remaining pips matching number on selection.
67 L'Chaim: Mathematics performed on three digit number yields position in deck of selected card.
68 Miracle Prediction: Two decks, spectator chooses one, deck in spectator's pocket, card selected from other deck found reversed in first.

69 Reds and Blacks
70 Magnetique: Spectator deals bridge hands, hands shuffled together, deck cut into thirds, top third all reds, bottom third all blacks.
71 Under the Table: Packet of cards, spectator holds under the table, flips pairs face up, magician predicts number of face up cards, shows reds and blacks seperated, spectator selects card, magician shows it only face up card in packet.
72 Color Seperation: Deck shuffled, spectator, magician take half, deal cards into piles, all reds in one pile, all blacks in other.
74 Intuition: Spectator's intuition winds up in reds and blacks seperated.

79 Mentalism
80 An Absolute Miracle: Two decks, one spectator chooses a deck, other names number, spectator who chose number selects card, spectator with deck counts down chosen number and takes card, cards match.
81 Mental Selection: Spectator thinks of card, magician deals several piles, eventually names card.
82 I'll Leave the Room: Magician leaves room, one card of nine selected, magician comes back, names card.
84 Picture-No Picture: Blindfolded magician correctly identifies which cards held up are face cards.
85 One Out of Five: Spectator selects one of five cards, magician puts cards in pocket, removes four, spectator's card one still in pocket.
86 Simplicity Telephone Test: Spectator handles cards, magician names selected card over phone after having top 15 cards read off.
87 The Mentalist: The classic "May I please speak to The Wizard?" phone trick.
88 Quick Prediction: Written prediction matches pile of cards chosen. Spectator has free choice.
Impromptu Prediction: Magician's Choice Force.
89 Astounding Prediction: Sealed envelope contains prediction. Spectator cuts off quarter of deck. Magician lays out line of about twenty cards. Number of cards spectator holds used to count along line to selected card. Prediction matches.

91 The Pre-Arranged Deck
92 Si Stebbins Master System
93 Instant Counting: Magician riffles pack until spectator says "Stop." Deck cut at that point, spectator handed one packet. Magician knows exactly how many cards spectator holds.
94 The Card In the Middle: Magician cuts cards until stopped by spectator, 26th card down instantly named.
The Joker Knows: Spectator selects card, Joker whispers card to magician.
95 Gambler's Wish: Magician deals 4 hands of poker, giving himself Royal Flush.
96 It Must Be Mind Reading: Several spectators take cards, magician names them one by one.
98 Clairvoyant: Magician names selected card even though deck was shuffled and card selected in another room.
99 Pre-Arranged Cards (The Stack)
100 Happenstance: Spectator selects one card from row of four, three piles of cards dealt, top card on each pile match selected card.
101 He Went Down With His Ship: Spectator selects card, mixes it back in. Magician places cards in hat, eliminates them until one is left: the selected card.
102 Wayward Jacks: Jacks, Queens, and Kings mixed up, sort themselves into three sets with one of each card in them.
103 Triple Match: Spectator selects three cards, magician likewise, cards in pockets, spetator draws card from magician's pocket, magician from spectator's, cards match.
104 Stab Mental: Blindfolded card stab
105 Magic By Mail: Cards mailed to spectator, cut multiple times, riffle-shuffled once, cut, card selected from either half, replaced in the other, either half mailed back, magician names card.
107 A Special Arrangement: Magcian takes all cards of one suit, spectator all of another, manipulating cards, magician gets them in sequence, spectator does same moves but can't repeat it.

109 One-Way Cards
110 One-Way: Basic principle explained
111 Miracle Deck: How to make a One-Way deck.
112 Using the Miracle Deck: Four ideas.

113 Mathematical and Self-Working Card Tricks
114 Big Ben: Spectator selects hour of the day, deck dealt out in clock fashion, magician knows hour they chose, card on top of pile at that hour chosen, matches prediction and/or has contrasting back.
116 Time Will Tell: Spectator takes several cards, selects one, sets several of the rest aside, cards dealt out in clock fashion, spectator's card at hour position where hour is number of cards they set aside.
117 Rising Card: Spectator selects card by choosing random number between ten and twenty, selected card rises out of pack.
118 Impossible Card Location: Three cards selected, cards buried in deck, magician deals out entire deck except for three cards, which are selections.
120 The Piano Trick: Spectator given an odd number of cards, cards dealt into two stacks, odd card passes from one stack to the other.
121 Your Deal: Spectator selects card, deals deck into piles, piles eliminated, eventually selected card found, magician never touches deck.
122 A Process of Elimination: Card selected, deck dealt out alternating face up and face down, face down eliminated, remaining cards dealt in same fashion, one face down card left: the chosen card.
123 A Perfect Match: Two cards selected, both spectators chose same card although they don't realize it.
124 A More Perfect Match: Cards torn in half, two spectators choose halves, halves match.
124 Back Where We Began: Spectator selects card, remembers its position in deck, moves cards to top of deck, magician puts deck behind back and rearranges it to put selected card back in original position.
126 Predicto: Written prediction of card proves correct even though spectator handles cards.
127 The One In the Middle: Spectator selects card and deals out cards in rows, spectator's card is the one in the middle.
127 Instant Separation: Magician correctly predicts two packets of cards will have the same number of face up.
128 Duck One, Drop Two: Ace through Ten of a suit dealt to table, with spectator dictating when card is put back into packet rather than on table, cards wind up in order.
129 A Card at Any Number: Spectator selects card, then names number, their card is that number down in the deck.
130 I've Got Your Number: Similar to the last, with the number being determined by counting how many cards the spectator cuts.

131 Gags, Bets, and Stunts
132 You're Sitting On It: Spectator's card winds up with them sitting on it.
132 Just By A Hair: Imaginary hair jerks selected card out of pack.
134 Slap It!: Spectator holds deck, magician slaps deck, cards fall to floor, spectator left holding only their selected card.
134 Ninety-Nine Percent: Spectator names the values only of two different cards, both cards found within a card or two of each other in the deck.
135 A Quarter Bet: Card and quarter balanced on spectator's finger, card snapped out without disturbing quarter.
136 Six Card Lift: Six cards lifted by holding only one by its edges.
137 Four Fives Are Sixteen: Four Fives arranged so that their pips total sixteen instead of twenty.
138 Card In Cigarette: Dealing with a heckler (only works if said heckler is also a smoker.)

139 Card Miracles
140 Satan's Ashes: Spectator writes down selected card on paper, paper burned, ashes on magician's forearm spell out card's name.
141 Jack Be Nimble: Spectator and magician each take half deck behind back, exchange cards twice, inserted into halves face up, all four Jacks face up.
142 Jack-Ro-Batics: Jacks appear as top, bottom of deck, turn over, etc. one at a time.
144 It's In the Bag: Deck in case place in paper bag, magician removes deck again, selected card left in bag.
145 That's the Spirit: Spectator holds deck which cuts to selected card.
147 Kick It: Variation on the above, deck placed on floor, magician kicks deck, which separates at selected card.
148 Four-Card Index: Spectator names card, magician removes cards from pocket whose values total to match selection and one matches suit.
149 'Tis Amazing: Spectator cuts deck, magician looks at top card of one half and knows top card of other half.
150 Chinese Card Mystery: Spectator chooses card, magician brings out written prediction in "Chinese" and translates.
151 Houdini's Card: Selected card placed between two Kings, when deck placed in case, selected card rises.
153 Royal Wedding: Kings and Queens unite and seperate.
154 The Torn & Restored Card: Corner torn off card and give to spectator, rest of card torn up and burned, restored, corner matches rest of card.
156 Turn About: Spectator and magician each choose card from half the deck, one half reversed, two selections found face up in face down deck.

159 Card Handling
160 Card Handling: Shuffles, flourishes, etc.
160 Spreading a Deck of Cards
161 The Ribbon Spread
161 The Overhand Shuffle
163 Keeping Cards on the Bottom of the Deck
163 Keeping the Top Cards in Place
163 Bringing A Single Card to the Top
164 The Riffle Shuffle
165 Keeping the Top Stack In Place
166 Control of Bottom Stack
167 Performing Your Magic
168 Performing Your Magic: Practice, keep secrets, practice more, etc.
171 Bibliography
173 Index of Tricks
177 About the Authors

Illustrator Ed Tricomi
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Garcia, Frank
Son of Spanish immigrants. He decided to become a magician after seeing a performance of Fu Manchu (David Bamberg).
Frank Garcia was a very popular magician who was known to magicians and gamblers as "The Man With The Million Dollar Hands." One of his specialties was gambling scams and cheating. As "The Gambling Investigator", he demonstrated and exposed cheating methods at tradeshows and to law enforcement organizations throughout the United States.
His best-known books about gambling include: Marked Cards and Loaded Dice (1962) which was later released as How to Detect Crooked Gambling (1977), All in a Nutshell (1974) and Don't Bet on It (1978).
Garcia also wrote many other books on magic: Million Dollar Card Secrets, Super Subtle Card Miracles, The Very Best of Cups and Balls, and Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic.