Subtle Sorcery
Sellers, Tom
George B. Flower (1938)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Softcover (All Tom Sellers bond in a hardcover as one book) 
Great Britain  eng
Sellers, Tom: Subtle Sorcery
©1938 Tom Sellers, George Johnson, The Magic Wand Series, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 24 pages plus ads


Contents (from book):

3 The Flying Coins: three coins pass from envelope to join others in a glass
4 Ball Production for Club Workers: idea with a cane
4 Thimble Production: quick trick
6 Choice Restored: torn and restored tissue paper
7 The Web Handkerchief Production: silk production
8 Black Art Milk Vanish: using a chair servante
8 A “Stag” Party Pack: cards produced, glass from fan, and dring poured from deck
9 Tele-Refreshment Bar: glasses fill with drinks in a box
12 The Hoop Un-looped: ring off ribbon
12 The Surp-rising Cigarette: cigarette rises and lowers in a bottle
13 Which End?: magician always knows which end of pencil is where in a tube
14 Finding a Card at any Number
14 The Girl Behind the Door: simple stage illusion
15 Silk Sympathy: As silks are chosen from chair; their matching silk falls from a stand
16 Bar and Chains Escape: a stage escape
16 Sleight for Gloved Workers: for card manipulators
18 The TS Sack Escape
18 Date Plus Your Age: math trick
19 Lay-out Speller: cards
20 A Mental Tip: message reading mentalism
22 Entertaining with Words: stories using a series of letter cards
22 (1) Marriage and Divorce
22 (2) Lazy Bones
23 (3) Backwards and Forwards
23 Effective Four Ace Trick: using gimmicked cards
24 Leap Year Card Trick: selection found using the calendar

25 Ad: Books on Conjuring and Entertaining

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No. of Pages 24
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Condition Very Fine
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