That's Good
Sellers, Tom
George B. Flower (1942)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Softcover (All Tom Sellers bond in a hardcover as one book) 
Great Britain  eng
Sellers, Tom: That's Good!
©1942 George Johnson, The Magic Wand Office, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 19 pages

Comments: Part of the Magic Wand Series.


2 Foreword (Tom Sellers)
3 Through the Eye of a Needle: thread a needle in the dark
3 Repeat Torn Paper: strip of paper twice torn and restored
3 The Restored Spill: broken and restored stick stirrer
4 Sex Detection: magician determines which papers selected by female, male
5 Number Prediction: numbers provided by spectators add to prediction
5 Dictionary Test: with 50 index cards and a dictionary
6 A Sliding Card Frame: die-box routine
7 The Rising Cards: in a houlette
7 A Card Flourish: card fan production
8 A Colour Force: using a cloth bag and colored marbles
8 A Different “Pick-it-Out” Trick: clever paper roll puzzle
9 Burnt and Restored: tissue paper
11 Blendo: three silks to a Union Jack
12 Word Magic: selected word appears in an interesting fashion in a book
12 Four Colour Change Pencil
13 Copper to Silver: a simple coin switch
13 Hand to Hand: with coins, no gimmicks
14 Coin from Smoke: coin appears from cigarette smoke
14 A Deceptive Coin Pass: a coin sleight for a stack of coins
14 Passe Passe Coins: gold and silver "coins" transpose in envelopes
15 The Separated Coins: gold and silver coins mixed, but magician pulls out just silver and just gold
16 Penetration: coins pass up from a glass into a handkerchief draped over it
17 Coins and Papers: a matrix style effect for the stage
18 Rising and Revolving Candle: candle rises from a candlestick
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