Trick Tracks
Sellers, Tom
George B. Flower (1942)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Softcover (All Tom Sellers bond in a hardcover as one book) 
Great Britain  eng
Sellers, Tom: Trick Tracks
©1942 George Johnson, The Magic Wand Series, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages plus ads



3 Foreword
4 A Production Box: 7 inches square box
4 Coin on Knife or Sword: examined coin balances on a knife blade
5 From Match to Match: one match lights another
5 “Give me a Light, Please”: flame leaps from match to cigarette
6 The Haunted Chair: magician makes a chair tip remotely
6 A Magnetic Pencil: pencil adheres to fingers
7 The Floating Paper: for stage
8 Spirit Rapping: even though hands are held, rappings are heard in the dark
8 The “Finder” Pencil: using a pencil for selecting a card from a row
8 The Cork Returns: cork vanishes and reappears in a bottle
9 A New Changing or Producing Canister: how to build it
12 Calendar Book Test: a book test using a calendar
13 A Novel Book Test: another book test using numbers
14 A Flower Growth: a version of the Indian Mango Trick
15 Liquid Transposition: liquid vanishes from cup in a tube to be found in a hat
16 The Ghost Taps: taps are heard and nail is now found in a block
17 “Mystify Yourself!: a ribbon transfers from a top broomstick to a bottom one
17 Obtaining the Key Ring: a secret method to get the Key Ring for the Chinese Rings
18 A Number Predicted: on a slate
18 The Green Ray Mystery: clairvoyant divines chosen number, handkerchief, and chosen card while looking through special glasses
20 “And so to Bed": a candle is extinguished and in its place is a message

21 Ad: Conjuring Books by Tom Sellers
22 Ad: Magic Wand Publications

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No. of Pages 20
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