Big laughs for little people
Smith, Samuel Patrick
SPS Publications (1990)
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Smith, Samuel Patrick: Big Laughs for Little People
How to Entertain Children with Comedy and Magic
©1990 amuel Patrick Smith; SPS Publications
Hardcover, 202 pages
©2003 (rev ed) Samuel Patrick Smith; SPS Publications
Paper, 5.5x8.5", 306 pages

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1 Introduction

2 Getting Your Act Together
3 Is It Appropriate?
4 The Good Stuff
5 Magical Happenings
6 Winning Them Over
7 Working with Audience Helpers
8 Silence—In a Children's Show?
9 On the Other Hand
10 Sensible Nonsense
11 The Department of Redundancy Department
12 You Can Say That Again!
13 Return Engagements
14 Repetition Is the Mother of Skill
15 Picking Props
16 Packing Props
17 Handle with Care
18 Right in Your Own Backstage!
19 Saying Good-Bye
20 Making Improvements
21 Getting Help
22 Just the Facts, Please!
23 Occupational Hazards
24 Believe!

25 Volunteer Support
26 Headband Blendo
27 Super Frog
28 The Vanishing Candle
29 Snake Cake Bake
30 Jasper the Friendly Ghost
31 Skip It! (Cut & Restored Rope)
32 How to Cut & Restore a Rope

33 You're On Your Own
34 The Magic Knot Tube (Blow-Tie)
35 The Extra-Celestial
36 Tricky Bottles
37 Invisible Flying Silk Scarf
38 Polar Thermometers (Chinese Sticks)
39 Ball Brothers' Traveling Circus (Strat-O-Sphere)
40 Maxwell the Monster (Soft Soap)

41 Worth-Control Skills
42 Multiplying Billiard Balls
43 Basic Billiard Ball Sleights
44 Cash Surprises
45 Coin Sleights

46 Conclusion

How to entertain children with comedy & magic
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