Magical Wishes
Yedid, Meir
Meir Yedid (1994)
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Yedid, Meir: Magical Wishes
©1994 Meir Yedid
Hardcover, 96 pages

Comments: From the book's advertisement, "A great book, full of creative close-up magic from the professional repertoire of Meir Yedid. This book is full of practical close-up magic guaranteed to fool and entertain. You'll find the magic direct and within your ability. Enjoy commercial routines with bills, business cards, playing cards, coin boxes, coins, ESP cards, fingers, pocket knives, and matches. All of the routines can be performed up-close, in the most intimate conditions. Ideal for restaurants, bars, parties and many other close-up situations. (Meir Yedid Magic;


7 Foreword (Herb Zarrow)
9 Introduction (Meir Yedid)

13 Routines
13 Making Change
17 Walk Around Triumph
23 Balding Finger
26 The Faro Flourish
29 Fake Faro Flourish
31 Odd-Even Location
35 Mental Match-Up
41 Flight Fantastic
47 Slap Control
50 Card to Bra
53 Billgate
59 Currency-gate
62 Baby Bottoms
65 Wildcard #2001
69 Direct Transpo
74 Color Changing Knife Interlude
77 Yedid Alignment Variant
82 Quadruplic-Ace-Tion

89 Bonus Routine
89 Mike Gallo's Safe and Sound

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Extras Author autograph
No. of Pages 96
First Edition Yes
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Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Yedid, Meir
Born in Israel, emigrated to the USA, where he became (1979) a magic dealer and manufacturer (Meir Yedid Magic) in Fair Lawn, NJ. Invented: Biting Sensations, Cardinal Cards, Divide & Conquer, Fadeout, Great Card Escape ,Predict-Perfect, Smiling Assassin, Total Destiny, Twist And Shout, Zinger
Wrote: Incredible Close-Up Magic, Magical Wishes (1987), Memorable Magic, Off The Wall Lecture Notes (1983), Stage Stuff
Media: (DVDs) Finger Fantasies; Live From London...It's Meir Yedid; Magic Of Gene Maze; Published & Unpublished; Stand-Up, Pop-Jump; Twisting Arm Illusion