Let's Make Magic
Jon Day; Chris Fisher
Kingfisher Books (1992)
In Collection
Magic tricks, Magic tricks - Juvenile literature
Paperback 1856978060
USA  eng
Day, Jon: Let's Make Magic
©1992 Kingfisher Books
ISBN 1-85697-806-0
Paper, perfect bound, 97 pages

Comments: Colorful children's book of magic. Illustrated by Chris Fisher. A decent collection of instructive magic for beginners.


1 Chapter 1 Easy Magic
2 All About Easy Magic
4 Flyaway Money: vanishing coin under glass
6 Snap!: broken/restored match
8 Mint on a String: candy mint is removed from string
10 The Magic Bottle: suspends from wand
12 The Vanishing Key: with a home-made pull
14 The Floating Pencil: in bottle (IT)
16 Match Me If You Can!: You do as I do with matchboxes
18 Spool Magic: thread spool removed from string
20 Magic Bangle: bracelet appears on rope
22 A Knotty Problem: cut/restored rope
24 Finger On the Pulse: pulsing match-stick

25 Chapter 2: Card Magic
26 All About Card Magic
28 Aces High: spectator deals the Aces
30 The Whispering Cards: Magician detects which card in which envelope
32 Jumping Jack: using a stripper card
34 The Impossible Card Trick: Key card location
36 Circus Trick: card trick goes wrong, but doesn't
38 The Vanishing Queen: gimmicked card
40 Oops!: another sucker trick with gimmicked card
42 Hypnotized Cards: suspend cards from the palm
44 The Rising Card: with home-made gimmick
46 The Knockout Card Trick: card prediction
48 Card Words: simple glossary

49 Chapter 3: Money Magic
50 All About Money Magic
52 The Drop Flip: coin vanish when dropped
53 Strike a Light!: coin vanish in matchbox
54 Hanky Panky: coin vanish in handkerchief
56 Cheeky!: another coin vanish
58 Double Your Money: book coin tray
60 The Spooky Pencil: coin fold vanish
62 The Hypnotized Coin: coin suspends on hand
63 The Smashing Grab: false transfer
64 Magic Elbows: coin vanishes as rubbed into elbow
66 Heads You Lose: Coin vanishes in the air
68 Tricky Papers: Buddha papers
70 The Amazing Sealed Boxes: coin in nested boxes
72 Make a Coin Chute: for above

73 Chapter 4: Mind Magic
74 All About Mind Magic:
76 The Mystery Calculator: Magician knows what number thought of
78 Who's Who?: match envelopes with person who wrote note
80 The Right Touch: Spectator chooses the 5 card
82 What's the Score?: Dice prediction with matchbox
84 Your Choice, My Choice: choose same card as spectator
86 Pieces of Eight...: Know what object spectator is thinking of
88 Mind Over Money!: money prediction
90 Magic Clock: clock card prediction
92 One In a Million: simple book test
94 Name That Card: telephone mind reading
96 Magic Circles: Expermiment

Illustrator Chris Fisher
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LoC Classification GV1548.D29 1992
Dewey 793.8
Edition 1st American paperback ed.
No. of Pages 96
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Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor