Professor Hoffmann's modern magic
Hoffmann; Richard Robinson
Quick Fox (1977)
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Magic tricks
Paperback 0825630843
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Hoffman, Professor & Richard Robinson (editor): Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic
©1977 Quick Fox, NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 171 pages

Comments: Not just a reprint, but a full re-working of tricks from Hoffmann's "Modern Magic" and "More Magic", with detailed B&W photo illustrations. From the back cover, "Magician Richard Robinson has edited Hoffman's work into a thoroughly modern encyclopedia of prestidigitation. Also included are Robinson's guide to magic sources and a complete explanation of all the methods necessary to turn you into a master magician."

Contents (Chapters, from book ToC):

9 Preface
11 Introduction to the First Edition
18 Card Tricks
28 Easy Card Tricks
41 Card Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus
49 Coin Tricks
57 Easy Coin Tricks
68 Coin Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus
80 Tricks with Watches and Rings
86 Tricks with Handkerchiefs
98 The Cups and Balls
117 Stage Tricks
144 Illusions
154 Secrets of the Master Conjurers
161 The Art of Magic
165 Robinson’s Guide to Magic Sources
169 Index
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No. of Pages 173
Original Publication Year 1977
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