Secrets Of The Quantum Deck
Wassilak, Alan
American Magic Co (1993)
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USA  eng
Wassilak, Alan: Secrets of the Quantum Deck
©1993 Alan Wassilak, American Magic Company
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 36 pages Wassilak: Secrets of the Quantum Deck
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Comments: two magic deck principles are combined to make the Quantum deck.


I Introduction

1 What Is The Quantum Deck?
2 The Eight Kings/Chased Set Up
3 Adapting The Set-Up
4 Quantum Mechanics: Constructing Your Own Deck
5 Quantum Dynamics: Learning To Use Your Quantum Deck
6 Quantum Physics I: Showing The Deck To Be “Normal”
8 Quantum Physics Ii: Forcing Either A Short Or A Set-Up Card
11 Applied Quantum Theory: Additional Tips, Suggestions, And Thoughts
13 Quantum Numbers: Identifying The Chosen Set-Up Card

20 Quantum Leaps - Effects And Routines
20 Top And Bottom Revelation
21 Spell Guide
22 Extra Sensory Partnership
24 Clipboard Prophecy
25 Totally Awesome Triple Prediction
27 Mccombicaj Prediction Revisited
28 The Odd Card
29 Cockeyed Coincidence
32 Gene Gloye’S Mutual Stop Trick

34 Quantum Deck Construction Variations
36 Continuum: Closing Thoughts
36 About The Author

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