The Boy Magician
Dixie, Raymond
Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co. (1922)
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Magic tricks
USA  English
Dixie, Raymond: The Boy Magician
©1922 Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, Co., Boston, MA
Hardcover, no dj, 6x8", 218 pages plus ads

Comments: "A large number of the latest and best tricks carefully selected from the rising generation of conjurers."

Contents (from book):

5 Foreword

17 Part I. The Latest Card Tricks

19 Chapter I Tricks With Prepared Cards
19 Phantom Cards
21 The Changing-Spot Cards
24 The Elusive Ace
26 The Ghost Cards
29 A Simple Way to Force a Card
30 The Wizard Pack of Cards

32 Chapter II Card Tricks With Apparatus
32 Mechanical Cards
32 The Moving-Pip Card
34 The Changing-Flap Card
36 The Restored Card
38 Card Apparatus
38 The Changing-Card Box
41 The Frame of Aladdin: Sand Frame
43 La Houlette, or The Rising Cards
44 - Second Method

49 Chapter III Mental Card Magic
49 Card Schemes and Artifices
49 A Second-Sight Card-Reading Test
50 A Thought-Reading Card Test
51 A Mind-Reading Card Test
53 The Mnemonic Pack of Cards
54 - Table Showing the Arrangement of Cards
57 Marion's Mind-Reading Card Trick

61 Chapter IV Card Sleights of Skill
61 The Way to Force a Card
63 The Way to Make the Pass
65 The Way to Palm a Card
65 - To Palm A Single Card
66 - To Palm A Dozen Cards
67 - The Back and Front Palm
69 The Way to do Card Ruffles
71 - Springing or Elongating the Pack
71 - Running Cards Up Your Arm
72 - The Cascade or Fall of Cards
73 - The Projectile Cards
74 - The Boomerang Cards

75 Part II. The Latest Coin Tricks

77 Chapter V. Parlor Tricks with Coins
77 The Magnetized Coin
78 The Illusive Coin
79 The Changing Coin
80 The Multiplying Coin
81 The Appearing Card on a Coin
81 The Wireless Coin
83 The Vanishing Coin
84 The Chinese Coin Trick

87 Chapter VI. Coin Tricks with Apparatus
87 The Disappearing Coin
89 The Coin in the Ball of Yarn
91 The Vanishing Coin
92 The Travelling Coin
94 The Spirit Rapping Coin
95 The Multiplying Coin Plate
97 The Appearing Coin Wand

100 Chapter VII. Sleights with Coins
100 Various Ways to Palm a Coin
100 - The Straight Palm
101 - The Third-Finger Palm
102 - The Wand Palm
102 - The Thumb Palm
102 - The Middle-Finger Palm
102 - Two-Finger Palm
104 - Continuous Front and Back Palm
105 The French Drop, or Tornique
107 Aerial Treasury

111 Part III. The Best Tricks With Balls

113 Chapter VIII. Ball Tricks with Apparatus
113 The Magic Ball and Vase
116 Obedient Ball
118 Obedient Orange
119 New Obedient Ball

121 Chapter IX. The Latest Ball Tricks
121 The Fade-Away Ball
122 The Appearing and Disappearing Ball
123 The Chameleon Billiard Balls
126 The Latest Billiard Ball Production

129 Part IV. Clever Tricks With Eggs

131 Chapter X. Egg Tricks with Apparatus
131 To Change a Handkerchief Into an Egg
133 The Ting-a-Ling Egg Trick
135 A Recent Egg-Bag Trick
137 The Latest Egg-Bag Trick
139 The Latest Egg Production

141 Part V. Up-To-Date Handkerchief Tricks

143 Chapter XI Handkerchief Productions and Vanishments
143 Methods of Producing Handkerchiefs
143 - Production from the Armpit
143 - Production from a Match-Box
145 - Finger-Shell Production
145 - Extra-Finger Production
146 Methods of Vanishing Handkerchiefs
146 - Vanishing with a Wand
146 - The Rubber Ball Vanisher
147 - The Bautier Pull Vanisher
148 Elastic Cord Pull Vanisher

150 Chapter XII. Handkerchief Tricks New and Novel
150 The Phantom Handkerchief
151 The Enchanted Handkerchief
156 The Color-Changing Handkerchiefs
159 The Penetrating Handkerchiefs

163 Part VI. Experiments With The Wand

165 Chapter XVI. The Use of and Tricks With the Wand
165 The Use of the Wand
166 The Gravity Defying Wand
167 The Juggler's Wand
168 The Multiplying Wand
170 The Obedient Ring
173 The Floating Wand

177 Part VII Various And Divers Other Tricks

179 Chapter XIV. Tricks with Artifices and Apparatus
179 The Color-Changing Die
180 The Rising Pencil
183 Magical Tumblers
183 - The Bottomless Tumbler
184 - The Mirror Tumbler
186 The Flying Glass of Water
189 The Chinese Rice Bowls 189

193 Part VIII Spirit Tricks, Manifestations, Etc.

195 Chapter XV. Tricks for a Spirit Seance
195 The Siberian Transport Chain Escape
197 The Spirit Whistle
199 Spirit Slate-Writing 199
200 - Second Effect
201 - Third Effect The Great Dictionary Test
203 The Famous Spirit Thumb Tie
205 Spirit Rapping Wand
297 The Spirit Talking Hand
209 The Spirit Talking Skull
210 The Spirit Table Séance

213 Index
219 Ads: The Boy Electrician; other Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co. Books

THE BOY MAGICIAN by Raymond Dixie 1st Edition

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Product Details
No. of Pages 218
Height x Width 7.0 x 5.2  inch
First Edition Yes
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf F
Condition Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
A large number of the latest and best tricks carefully selected for the rising generation of conjurers. Published for the general public in 1922 this copy is the 1st edition. In green pictorial cloth, frontispiece, illustrated with line drawings, and containing 218 pages. The contents cover a wide range of tricks with Cards; Coins; Billiard Balls; Eggs; Handkerchiefs; Magic Wands; and Spirit Tricks.

Light foxing to internal pages, cover rubbed at edges with light soil. Earle Oakes bookplate inside front cover.