Wehman Bros. New Book of 153 Tricks
Wehman, Henry J.
Wehman Brothers (1907)
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Magic tricks
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Wehman Bros.: New Book of 153 Tricks
©1907 Wehman Bros., NY
Softcover, 58 pages Wehman 153 Tricks



3 To Make A Coin Turn Upon Its Edge On The Point Of A Needle
3 The Prisoner Released
3 To Suspend A Ring By A Burnt Thread
4 A Self Turning Cross
4 To Put A Lighted Candle Under Water
4 The Vanished Half-Dime
5 The Double Meaning
5 The Magic String
5 How To Put An Egg In A Bottle
6 To Make And Egg Stand On End On A Looking-Glass
6 To Make Water Rise From A Saucer Into A Glass
6 To Take Away Any Middle Object Without Touching It
6 The Wonderful Hat
7 The Magic Glass
7 To Find Six Times Thirteen In Twelve
8 To Pour Wine And Water Into The Same Glass Without Their Mixing
8 Solid Steel Will Float On Water
8 The Magnetized Cane
9 The Obedient Dime
9 How To Make A Coin Stick Against The Wall
9 The Doubled Coin
9 Optical Subtraction
10 The Oper's Stratagem
10 Making Tricolored Star
11 To Fill A Glass Of Water So That It Cannot Be Removed Without Spilling The Whole
11 The Revolving Image
11 Magical Illusions
12 The Hat And Quarter Trick
12 The Conjurer's Stroke
12 To Hold A Glassful Of Water Upside Down Without Spilling
12 A Candle Trick For Winter Evenings
13 How To Lift A Flint Glass With A Straww
13 The Hat Puzzle
13 The Erratic Egg
13 The Dancing Pea
14 To Make Water Remain In A Vessel With Holes In The Bottom Of It
14 The Magic Bond
14 To Pass A Tumbler Through A Table
15 The Bottle Imp
15 An Impossibility
16 Cure For Troublesome Spectators
16 The Magic Coin
17 A Valentine Puzzle
17 To Make A Person Tired, Or Sweat, At Carrying A Small Stick Out Of A Room
18 The Magical Knot
18 To Pull Off Any Person's Shirt Without Undressing Him
19 A Rope Trick
19 The Poker Puzzle
19 An After-Dinner Feat
20 To Make A Dime Pass Through A Table
20 To Tell The Hour Of The Day Or Night By A Suspended Quarter
21 The Cut String Restored
21 The Magic Cups
21 To Give A Party A Ghostly Appearance
22 How To Cut Glass
22 The Restored Ribbon
22 To Light A Candle Without Touching The Wick
22 The Row Of Figures
23 The Ring Of Money
23 To Change The Numbers On Dice
24 Fireside Mesmerism
24 The Invisible Visible
24 How To Eat Tow, And Set It On Fire In Your Mouth
25 Lightning Without Thunder Or Rain
25 A Lamp That Will Burn For A Year
25 To Make Fire-Proof Paper
25 To Take A Dollar Piece Out Of A Vase Of Water Without Wetting Your Hands
26 To Change The Color Of A Liquid In A Glass Several Different Times
26 Second Sight
27 The Miraculous Apple
27 Bound To Win
27 Mental Calculation
28 The Hidden Number
28 How To Tell The Number That Any Person Thinks Of
29 To Tell The Numbers On A Pair Of Dice
29 Square Of 15
29 To Put A Ring Through Your Cheek And Then To Bring It On A Stick
30 To Break A Sick Placed On Two Glasses Without Breaking The Glasses
30 The Mysterious Addition
31 The Magic Blackboard
31 An Explosive Bottle
31 To Draw Two Figures With Crayon On A Wall One Of Which Will Ight A Taper And The Other Extinquish It
32 To Make A Figure Which Will Raise Itself Unaided
32 A Distorted Figure Seen Well Proportioned From A Certain Point Of View
32 Magic Writing - Letters That Will Come And Go At Command
32 To Tell At Which Hour A Person Intends To Rise
33 How To Cut A Visiting Card For A Cat To Jump Through It
33 The Expunged Figure
34 Writing By The Rays Of The Sun
34 How To Mekt Metal In A Walnut Shell
34 The Water Trick
34 The Tumbling Egg
35 To Make A Watch Stop Or Go At The Word Of Command
35 Magic Mil
35 The Enchanted Cock
36 To Put A Ring Through One's Cheek
36 The Magic Star
37 To Make A Cone Or Pyramid Move Upon A Table Without Springs Or Any Other Artificial Means
38 The Nondescript
38 To Lift Three Matches With One
38 The Faded Rose Restored
39 To Find A Number Thought Of
39 To Take A Wedding Ring Off A Tobacco Pipe
40 The Knife In The Decanter
40 Bengal Lights
41 To Find A Counter Thought Of
41 Candles Extinguished And Lighted By Pistol Shots
42 Two Invisible Substances, Each Having A Pungent Smell, Converted Into One Visible Compound, Having No Smell
42 An Amusing Recreation
42 To Draw Two Figures With Charcoal On A Wall So That One Will Light A Taper And The Other Will Extinguish It
43 How To Fill A Glass With Beer And Water At The Same Time, Without Mixing The Two Liquieds
43 To Make The Hands And Face Become Black By Washing Them In Clean Water
43 Luminous Writing
44 To Freeze Water By Shaking It
44 To Set A Combustible Body On Fire By The Contact Of Wather
44 The Mystery Of The Floating Head
45 The Dancing Ring
45 To Make A Peg That Will Exactly Fit Three Different Kinds Of Holes
46 A Cheap Way Of Being Generous
46 Beautiful Transformation
46 To Break A Stone With A Blow Of The Fist
46 To Make A Figure Which Will Raise Itself Unaided
47 To Determine The Article Selected By The Company, The Performer Being Absent From The Room At The Time Of The Selection
47 A Droll Drawing-Room Trick
48 To Make A Bird Seem As Dead
48 Eatable Candle Ends
48 To Give A Person A Supernatural Appearance
48 The Sign Of The Cross
49 A Mariner's Compass Made On A Lady's Thimble
49 To Construct And Inflate A Small Balloon
49 The Floating Beacon
50 To Light A Candle By A Glass Of Water
50 To Drive One Tumbler Through Another
50 Exploding Soap-Bubbles
50 To Melt Iron In A Moment, And Make It Run Into Drops
51 The Self-Balanced Pail
51 Knocking The Head Against The Door
51 To Suspend A Needle In The Air
52 An Amusing Trick For The Drawing-Room
52 The Bottle Conjurer
52 Muslin That Will Not Burn
53 To Change A Dime Into A Quarter
53 Balanced Stick
53 Artificial Lighting
54 The Visible Invisible
54 The Magic Whirlpool
54 To Bring A Person Down Upon A Feather
54 To Boil Water In Paper
55 Magic Age Table
55 Boil Water On The Surface Of Ice
56 To Find A Remainder
56 A Person Having An Even Number Of Coin In One Hand, And An Odd Number In The Other, To Tell In Which Hand The Odd Or Even Number Is
56 To Make Liquid Steel
57 To Melt Lead In A Piece Of Paper
57 The Magic Squares
57 Forty-Five
58 The Magic Rings
58 How To Make An Egg, Apparently Of Itself, Leave The Center Of The Room And Traverse To A Saucer Of Water Placed In The Corner
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