Fantasio No. 4: Cane and Candle Book
David Ginn
Scarlett Green Publication (1981)
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USA  eng
Ginn, David: Fantasio's Cane and Candle Book 4
©1981 Scarlett Green Publication
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 70 pages

Comments: Illustrated by Jim Kleefeld & James Holmes

Contents (chapters only, numbers are not page numbers)

1 Three and a Half Years Later
2 Appearing Candle Basics
3 Magic with Fantasio's Appearing Candle
4 James Holmes Introduction
5 Vanishing Candle Magic
6 Appearing Candle Magic
7 Spectacular Cane Magic
8 Final Comments by David Ginn

Product Details
Edition [1st ed.]
Printing 1
Printed By David Ginn
No. of Pages 70
First Edition Yes
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf J
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
(1936 - )
Born Richard Roucau in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he named himself Fantasio in 1961, when he joined the Círculo Mágico Argentino in Buenos Aires.
In July 1976, Fantasio -after 17 years on the professional stage- left show business. The second portion of his life then began. It was dedicated to creating, rnanufacturing and selling magic, especially the plastic candles and canes used in so much of his magic.
Wrote: My Canes and Candles
Media: Video Lectures 1 & 2 - Live at the Magic Castle (VHS videotape)
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