Self-Working Table Magic - 97 Foolproof Tricks with Everyday Objects
Karl Fulves
Dover Publications (1981)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Paperback 0486241165
USA  English
Fulves, Karl: Self-Working Table Magic
97 Foolproof Tricks with Everyday Objects
©1981 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover $695
Paper, perfect-bound, 122 pages, 5375x85"
ISBN: 0486241165

Comments: Beginner's magic utilizing everyday objects Some principles all magicians should learn, and a few interesting effects in the rubber band section, as well as a few others Cups and balls description is the standard instructions that come with the cheap plastic sets


1 Money Magic
1 Quicksilver: coin through handkerchief
3 Mystery Vanish: a coin to be vanished by a pencil results in the pencil vanishing instead
4 Ghost Coin: coin vanishes though audibly dropped in a glass under a handkerchief
5 The Backward Ghost: Coin flips over in a glass of water
7 Hole in the Pocket: marked coin dropped in pocket ends up under foot
8 Sealed Silver: Three coins taken from envelope, one vanishes and is found back in envelope
9 Merlin's Magic: 7 pennies are poured from a book into the spectator's hand Magician vanishes another coin, and the spectator now has 8
11 The Escape Artist: 3 coins placed down spectator's sleeve, one coin penetrates
13 Million Dollar Mystery: 12 coins are placed face down/up Magician takes any six behind his back and matches the number of up/down remaining

15 Magic Show In a Matchbox
15 Euclid's Triangle: match puzzle
16 Squaring the Square: square puzzle
16 Four Square: 4 Square puzzle
17 The Roman Equation: Match match puzzle
17 A Fish Story: fish figure
18 Tipsy Cocktail: glass figure
19 The Little House: house puzzle
19 Worlds Strongest? feat of strength stunt
20 Who Pays the Bill? Magician always leaves the last match
21 Matching Matches: mathematical trick
22 The Jumping Match: match jumps when touched by another
23 The Penetrating Matches: matchsticks

26 Dice Dexterity
26 Dice Catch: toss two dice into a cup (stunt)
27 Controlled Dice Shot: odds of throwing a 1 or a 6
28 The Thirteenth Turn: magician determines if a die was turned 12 or 13 times
29 Dial-a-Spell: Die turned to spell either Washington or Lincoln, magician knows which
30 The New Dropout: dropping a die from between two others (stunt)
31 Technicolor Dice: 3 colored die thrown as indicated on slips of paper Magician predicts total
32 Mental Die: Another dice turning effect
34 Logic Dice: and yet another
35 The Red Prediction: You will choose the only red card

38 Conjuror's Collection
38 The Cups and Balls: Carl Brema routine - the basic routine that comes with most of the plastic cups balls sets
40 Movie Star Magic: Magician and spectator select only female star on 12 slips of paper, all the others have the same male actor
42 Hocus Pocus Puppet: handkerchief puppet and a balancing act
44 An Amazing Apple: apple bounces off the floor
46 The Apple Monster: another version with a bite out of it
47 The Great Bottle Mystery: a cigarette falls into a bottle when balanced on a loop of paper
48 Mystery Spinner: spinning an egg
48 Strong Man Stunt: Only magician can tear the rolled napkin
49 Calculated Capital: BOISE
49 Balloon Burst: Balloon changes colors after popped in a bag
50 Puncture Proof: balloon stuck with a needle doesn't pop
51 An Airtight Case: another approach
52 Loops Entwined (Jack Avis): two loops of rope covered with handkerchief are mysteriously joined

54 Psychic Tricks
54 The Mind Dowser: An experiment in static electricity
55 Left-Handed Thoughts: penny & nickle addition
56 The Psychic Motor: paper balanced on a needled moves
57 Unlisted Numbers: 2 person mind reading with a credit card
59 Right on Time: a clock in your head
60 The Mind Transmitter: Clever code using a pen
62 Clocks: Magician matches the time of a spectator's watch with his own
63 The Eight-Object Test: 8 objects in a box, magician determines the one thought of
63 Behind Closed Doors: Spectator writes 2 symbols that match magicians' (pure chance)
64 The Borgia Cup: Magician finds the cup with the poison pill under it

67 Elastic Illusions
67 54 Twister: Only magician can untwist the rubber band
68 Tale Twister: variation with pens and rubber band
69 Slippery Shears: a rubber band changes position on a pair of scissors held by spectator
70 Bet a Band: band jumps to the finger that isn't touched
71 The Jumping Rubber Band: band jumps from 2 fingers to other two
73 Double Jump: as above, but doubled
73 Flying Clipper: variation where paper clip appears to jump bands
74 A Quick Getaway: rubber band penetrates a pencil pushed through an index card
75 Strange Interlude: spectator repeats magician's stunt with 2 bands, then the 2 bands turn into one

77 Hanky Panky
77 Not a Knot: vanishing knot
78 The Appearing Knot: appearing
79 Transposition: a routine using both of the above
80 The Knot Paradox: tie a knot without letting go of the ends
81 The Second Paradox: another method with the aid of the spectator
82 The Third Paradox: and yet another version
83 Popper Up: pencil through handkerchief
84 Comedy Vanish: pencil vanishes from under handkerchief with a comedy finish
85 Fourth-Dimensional Hanks: penetrating handkerchiefs
86 The MacCarthy Hank Fold: unique fold allows you to steal objects dropped in the folds, with a coin routine and other ideas
89 Time Flies: routine using the MacCarthy fold A watch is smashed against the table, but when the handkerchief is opened the watch is not there and is safely on the magician's wrist

91 Close-Up Illusions
91 Dexterous Digits: pinky stretch illusion
92 It Floats!: toothpick floating (2 methods)
94 An Optical Trick: two sticks look the same length but aren't
95 Whisk Away: an illusion with sound and touch
96 Looking-Glass Logic: mirror images of sentences with several variations
99 Hypercard: an index card cut and folded into an impossible looking shape
100 The Fifth Dimension: using the above idea for a magic trick

103 The Linking Pins
103 Safety Pin-Up: two safety pins are unlinked
104 Swindle Pins: two pins unlink from the spring end
105 The Impossible Unlink: an impossible looking unlinking
107 The Repeat Impossibility: another version
107 Un-Safety Pins: pins twist and unlink in spectator's hand
108 Quick Release: magician beats the spectator
109 Pin-a-Tration: pins penetrate a handkerchief
109 Ultra Penetro: a pin incredibly unlinks from a handkerchief

112 Pen-Ultimate Magic
112 Buttonholed: pen with a loop on it can only be removed from a buttonhole by the magician
114 Loophole Magic: variation of above using a coffee cup
114 The Snapper: pen cap snaps back on the pen
115 The Hands Only: pencil stunt can't be duplicated, then pencil vanishes
117 Invisible Ink: pen vanishes under handkerchief
118 Pen Kink: borrowed pen is used to write with, then apparently returned to magician's pocket When spectator objects, it is pulled from the spectator's pocket
118 Write Off: variation where pen changes to a pencil
119 Ink of Another Color: another variation where the pen writes in a different color
120 Pen Ultimate: pen dropped down right sleeve comes out left, then doubles in length

Illustrator Joseph Schmidt
Product Details
No. of Pages 122
Original Publication Year 1981
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf H
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Author of hundreds of books on magic, both for the expert and beginner. Inventor of the Self-Correcting Setup, amongst thousands of other things.

Karl Fulves
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(November 2008)

Karl Fulves
Born New Jersey, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation magician, author, publisher
Known for card magic, self-working tricks
Karl Fulves is an author of hundreds of books on magic.

Karl Fulves lives in Fairlawn, New Jersey, and is a private person who has repeatedly turned down all requests for interviews. There is not much known about him other than his incredible output of magic literature. He has taught thousands of beginners, young and old, to perform remarkable feats of sleight of hand through the books he has published.

Fulves is most well-known for his "Self-Working" book series from Dover.

Karl Fulves took over The New Phoenix magazine from Don Tanner. He published three more issues and then at issue 400 in October 1965 stated "The bird will be fondly laid to rest." He then started a new magazine called The Pallbearers Review which continued until 1975.

He also started another periodical called Epilogue from 1967 until 1976.

In 1970, Joseph K. Schmidt submitted Fulves a coin flourish complete with illustrations. The contribution was published in Volume 5, Issue #10 of Pallbearers. Fulves was very impressed with Schmidt's artistic abilities and, coincidentally, was looking for an artist to illustrate some of the lengthier routines. He asked Schmidt to illustrate an effect called Canterbury Cups and Schmidt agreed. Fulves and Schmidt's relationship grew. Fulves was the first person to refer to Schmidt as an "artist". Schmidt has illustrated over 75 books, manuscripts and booklets for Fulves, including Swindle Sheet, Cheat Sheet, Rigmarole, and Verbatim.

Shortly after concluding Pallbearers and Epilogue he announced the birth of a new periodical, The Chronicles Limited to 36 issues, The Chronicles took from 1978 to 1988 to complete, and during those ten years, some of the finest close-up magic of the period was explained in its pages.

Fulves published many more periodicals over the years including CHARLATAN, UNDERWORLD accompanied by FINE PRINT, INTERLOCUTOR, and MIDNIGHT MAGIC MONTHLY (13 issues, a complete file of which is virtually unobtainable).

List of periodicals published by Karl Fulves:

Alfredson/Daily - Fernandes numbers, titles, year of publication and number of issues in a complete file:

15505..Charlatan 1999 - in progress
15550..Cheat Sheet 1990-1992 10 issues
1580...Chronicles 1978-1988 36 issues
19657..Discoverie 1999 - in progress
2130...Epilogue 1967-1975 25 issues
22102..Fine Print, The 1995-1999 10 issues
2955...Interlocutor 1975-1988 52 issues
29505..Interim Report 1993 1 issue
3262...Lamplighter (with Jim Sarles) 1963-1964(?) 7(?) issues
32627..Latter Day Secrets 1999 - in progress
4850...Midnight Magic Monthly 1959-1960 12+3 issues
5180...New Phoenix 1965 4 issues 397-400
5335...Notebooks no information available
5510...Pallbearers Review original series ?-1965 22 issues
5515...Pallbearers Review 1965-1975 120 issues
58955..Rigmarole 1993-1994 10 issues
6055...S-C 1985 7 issues
65703..Swindle Sheet 1990-1992 10 issues
69206..Underworld 1995-1999 10 issues
69800..Verbatim 1993-1994 10 issues
Karl Fulves current publications, started in 1999, are Discoverie, Charlatan and Latter Day Secrets.

Published works
Most of the titles are published by Karl Fulves himself, under his own name or Gutenberg Press.

Title Date
13 Prophets 1996
28 Card Tricks 1991
A History of the Brainwave Principle 1983
Ace Machine 1963
After Jordan 1983
And a Packet of Cards 1989
Animation 1979
Big Book of Magic Tricks 1994
Binary Count Notes 1969
Blocking Off ?
Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 1980
Bob Ostin's New Submarine Card 1983
Calculator Tricks 1998
Card Counting 1982
Card Under Glass 1979
Cards #1 Four-card Brainwave 1978
Cards #2 51 Faces North 1978
Cards #3 Interlock 1980
Cards #4 Side Steal 1981
Cards #5 The Multiple Shift 1989
Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks 1992
Charles T Jordan collected tricks 1975
Clockwork: Approaches to Card Counting ?
Close-up Mental Magic 1974
Color Capture 1986
Color Quick 1980
Combo 1998
Combo II ?
Command Colors 1997
Contemporary Handkerchief Magic, part 1 1987
Contemporary Handkerchief Magic, part 2 1987
Contemporary Rope Magic, part 1 1986
Contemporary Rope Magic, part 2 1986
Contemporary Rope Magic, part 3 1986
Covenant 1987
Crooked Tales 1994
Cryptology 1979
Curioser 1980
Deceptive Practices 1992
Deceptive Practices, Supplement 1992
Downs on Malini ?
NSOM : Dr Ken Krenzel's Incredible Card Tunnel 1975
Easy to do card tricks for children 1989
Easy to do magic tricks for children 1974
Epilogue 1993
Faro and riffle technique 1976
Faro and riffle techniques 1969
Faro and riffle technique; Supplement 1 1970
Faro and riffle technique; Supplement 2 1970
Faro and riffle technique; Supplement 3 1970
Faro possibilities 1967
Faro possibilities 1979
Four color problems 1979
Fourcast 1981
Fr Cyprian's TV card rise 1982
Gambler's third lesson 1979
Gene Finnell's card magic 1973
Hardcore aces 1983
History of the brainwave principle 1983
Hocus Poker Fulves 1982
Hofzinser's Card Tricks ?
Hofzinser Notebook 2003
Impromptu holdouts 1977
Impromptu openers 1979
Inner sanctum 1979
Jack in the Box 1979
Jacob Daley's Notebooks (transcr. Csuri) 1975
Kaleidoscope Rope 1989
Kannibal Kards 1975
NSOM : Karl Fulves Technicolor Cards 1974
Magic Book 1977
Methods with Cards, part 1 1975
Methods with Cards, part 2 1975
Methods with Cards, part 3 1975
Mexican Monte 1972
Milennium Aces 1981
Money Moves 1989
More Self-working Card Tricks 1984
Mutus Nomen 1988
Neale's Trapdoor Card 1983
New Card Rises 1996
Notes from the Underground 1973
Nyria Effect 1979
Octet 1981
Origins 1981
Packet Switches (part I) 1976
Packet Switches (part II) 1973
Packet Switches (part III, Harvey Rosenthal) 1977
Packet Switches (part IV Gene Maze) 1977
Packet Switches (part V Gene Maze) 1977
Pallbearers Review volume 1-4 1993
Pallbearers Review volume 5-8 1993
Pallbearers Review volume 9-12 1993
Parallel Lines 1980
Principles of Riffle Shuffle Set-ups 1968
Prototype 1989
Punch out Puzzle Kit 1982
Quick Card Tricks 1989
Riffle Shuffle Control 1979
Riffle Shuffle Methods 1987
Riffle Shuffle Set-ups 1973
Riffle Shuffle Set-ups 1976
Riffle Shuffle Technique Preliminaries, Notes, Problems 1971
Riffle Shuffle Technique Preliminary Notes, part 1 1972
Riffle Shuffle Technique, part 1 1975
Riffle Shuffle Technique Preliminary Notes, part 2 1973
Riffle Shuffle Technique, part 2 1975
Riffle Shuffle Technique, part 3 1984
S-C contemporary money magic no 1, Robert E Neale's short change wallet 1985
S-C contemporary money magic no 2, Max Londono's After max 1985
S-C contemporary money magic no 3, Harvey Rosenthal's two and two 1985
S-C contemporary money magic no 4, Howard Wurst's paper money 1985
S-C contemporary money magic no 5, Robert E Neale's bill tube 1985
S-C contemporary money magic no 6, Howard Wurst's simplex switch 1985
S-C contemporary money magic no 7, Nick van Selter's one hand turnover 1985
Secret Ssession, part one 1987
Secret Session, part two 1987
Secret Session, part three 1987
Self-working Card Tricks 1976
Self-working Close-up Card Magic 1995
Self-working Coin Magic 1989
Self-working Handkerchief Magic 1989
Self-working Mental Magic 1979
Self-working Number Magic 1982
Self-working Paper Magic 1985
Self-working Rope Magic 1990
Self-working Table Magic 1981
Setting up Exercises 1995
Shape Changers 1979
Shuffle off 1983
Six Impromptu Card Tricks 1982
Swindle & Cheat - a collection of nontransitive games 1991
Teleportation Notes 1969
Teleportation Notes 1979
The Best of Slydini and More, vol 1 (text) 1976
The Best of Slydini and More, vol 2 (photos) 1976
The Book of Numbers 1971
The Book of Numbers, Supplementary Notes 1971
The Children's Magic Kit 1980
The Magic of Slydini and More, vol 1 (text) 1976
The Magic of Slydini and More, vol 2 (photos) 1976
The Magical World of Slydini, vol 1 (text) 1979
The Magical World of Slydini, vol 2 (photos) 1979
The Return Trip 1986
The Shamrock Code & the Parallel Principle 1979
Topological False Count 1979
Transpo Trix 1978
Trick with Dice 1970
Vampire Chronicles 1997
Vampire Papers 1997
When Psychics Play Poker ?
Wireless II 1982
Word Play ?
Worknotes on Brainwave 1983

Fulves also wrote the text for a number of the Stars of Magic manuscripts, including Chris Capehart's 3-Ring Routine, Joe de Stefano's Chinatown Poker, Max Londono's Eternal String, Metalogic (Fred Baumann) and David Roth Okito Box routine.

Awards and honors
The Academy of Magical Arts awarded Karl Fulves the Literary Fellowship.