World's Greatest Magic Tricks
Townsend, Charles Barry
Sterling (2005)
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Magic tricks
Paperback 1402725450
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Townsend, Charles: World's Greatest Magic Tricks
©1992 Sterling Publishing
©2005 Sterling Publishing
Softcover , 128 Pages
ISBN-13: 9781402725456
ISBN-10: 1402725450

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8 Silk Magic
8 An Impossible Penetration

11 Table Magic
11 The Magnetic Paper Clips
15 The Floating Salt Shaker
18 A Paper and Pencil Game
19 An Easy Number Trick

21 Parlor Magic
21 The Block Off the Ribbon Feat
25 The Wonderful Production Box
29 A Daylight Spirit Séance
34 A Mind-Over-Matter Exhibition

37 Mental Magic
37 The Great Calendar Mystery
40 Another Great Calendar Mystery
43 The Amazing License Plate Prediction
50 Mind Reading Made Easy
53 A Demonstration of Extrasensory Perception
57 The Master Mentalist's memory Demonstration

62 Paper Magic
62 The Paper Bird of Japan
67 The Puzzling Paper Puff Ball
69 Tintinnabulation

72 Rope Magic
72 The Great Cut-and-Restored Rope Trick
78 How to Stretch a Piece of Rope

82 Money Magic
82 An Inflationary Lesson
85 The Big Money Giveaway Trick
87 The Impossible Coin Vanish

89 Card Magic
89 The Red-and-Black-Card Mystery
92 A Devilish Game of Poker
94 Another Poker Deal Setup
96 The Under-and-Up Card Mystery
98 The Three-Card Monte Trick
101 A Clever Coincidence?
104 The Travelling Cards
106 The Famous Four Aces Trick
110 A New Age Mind-Reading Mystery
113 Finding the Reversed Card
115 An Old-Time Card Trick
118 The Twenty-Card Trick
120 The Spectator Finds His Card
122 A Surprising Revelation

124 Miscellaneous Items
124 A Folding Magic Table


Reissue, A great new cover will make this perennial favorite even more appealing to magic-loving kids eager to build a repertoire of awesome tricks. It covers the spectrum, with illusions that use silk scarves, paper, rope, money, and cards. The secrets to success are subtle, with an emphasis on presentation not just sleight of hand. Earn a reputation as a wizard of wonders by mastering The Amazing License Plate Prediction, The Impossible Coin Vanish, and The Puzzling Paper Puff Ball. Or play a Devilish Game of Poker--a neat setup that results in five of the most staggering hands you've ever seen.
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