100 Houdini Tricks
Joseph Dunninger
Arco (1954)
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Magic tricks
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Dunninger Joseph: 100 Classic Houdini Tricks You Can Do
©1954 Fawcett Publications, Inc.
©1975 Arco Publishing, NY (re-issue)
Softcover, perfectbound, 8.5x11", 145 pages


Contents (from book)

4 Dunninger — A Biography
6 Magical Memories
28 Performance Pointers
30 Forcing A Card: card conjuring
31 Eggs-Traordinary Card Trick: card conjuring
32 Telltale Ashes: card conjuring
33 Restored Ribbon: miscellaneous magic
34 The Pass: card conjuring
36 Vanishing A Coin: money mystifiers
37 Palming A Coin: money mystifiers
38 Thought Reading: spirit stuff
39 Enchanted Handkerchief: miscellaneous magic
40 Patriotic Billiardballs: miscellaneous magic
41 Which Hand?: money mystifiers
42 Is It Hypnotism?: spirit stuff
43 Latest Coinvanish: money mystifiers
44 Up-In-The-Air Card Trick: card conjuring
45 Money Flies: money mystifiers
46 Novel Card Rising Effect: card conjuring
47 Matchless Fingers: match magic
48 Down For The Count: card conjuring
49 Houdini Ace: card conjuring
50 Ghost Frame: spirit stuff
51 20th Century Mindreading: card conjuring
52 A Good Turn: card conjuring
53 Chameleon Bands: miscellaneous magic
54 Cards Illusional: card conjuring
56 Spirit Slates: spirit stuff
58 Four Ace Miracle: card conjuring
59 Card in Hat Mystery: card conjuring
60 Pharaoh's Finger: spirit stuff
61 Burning Sugar: miscellaneous magic
62 Color Card Mystery: card conjuring
63 Spirit Writing: spirit stuff
64 Handkerchief Penetration: miscellaneous magic
64 Living Or Dead: spirit stuff
66 Weird Touch: cigarette stunt
67 Elusive Ace: card conjuring
68 Second Sight: card conjuring
69 Stick Magnet: spirit stuff
70 Yogi Coin Vanish: money mystifiers
71 Traveling Ace: card conjuring
72 Jumping Cigar Band: miscellaneous magic
73 Houdini Match Trick: miscellaneous magic
74 Enchanted Salt Shaker: spirit stuff
75 Witch Craft: spirit stuff
76 The Plate Eater: miscellaneous magic
78 A Sweet Trick: miscellaneous magic
79 Light Footed: match magic
80 Bank Note Mystery: money mystifiers
82 Making Money: money mystifiers
83 Coin In The Orange: money mystifiers
84 Miser's Dream: card conjuring
85 Ups And Downs: miscellaneous magic
86 Spirited Magic: spirit stuff
88 Obedient Table: spirit stuff
89 It's In The Pocket: card conjuring
90 Magical Foot: card conjuring
91 X-Ray Eyes: card conjuring
92 Sole Of The Wizard: card conjuring
94 Columbus Outdone: miscellaneous magic
96 You Know The Number: spirit stuff
97 Mysterious Matches: match magic
98 Fire Magic: match magic
100 Difficult Catch: miscellaneous magic
101 Seed Magic: spirit stuff
102 Enchanted Whistle: spirit stuff
103 Dexterity: match magic
104 Water Magic: miscellaneous magic
105 Talking Dime: money mystifiers
106 The Mystic Deck: card conjuring
107 Demon Wine Glass: spirit stuff
108 All-Seeing Eye: money mystifiers
109 Magnetic Control: miscellaneous magic
110 The Lady Cries: money mystifiers
111 The Flying Card: card conjuring
112 Enchanted Deck: card conjuring
113 Elusive Cigarette: cigarette stunt
114 Telltale Match: match magic
115 Phenomenal Card Trick: card conjuring
116 The Phone Of Cagliostro: spirit stuff
120 Ghostly Music: spirit stuff
122 Mysterious Handcuffs: spirit stuff
123 Pocket Magic: card conjuring
124 The Phantom: spirit stuff
124 Tipsy Card Trick: card conjuring
126 Unique Effect: card conjuring
128 Balancing Glass Trick: match magic
129 Penetration: money mystifiers
130 Magical Magnetism: miscellaneous magic
131 It Can Be Done: money mystifiers
132 Ghost In The Dark: spirit stuff
133 Color Magic: miscellaneous magic
134 Mystic Dice Prediction: miscellaneous magic
135 Mystic Jugglery: money mystifiers
136 Cut And Restored Card: card conjuring
137 Floating Ball: miscellaneous magic
138 Card And Hat Trick: card conjuring
139 Money Talks: money mystifiers
140 Get-Together Card Trick: card conjuring
141 Floating Paper Ball: spirit stuff
142 Devil’S Sight: card conjuring
144 Magical Discovery: card conjuring
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Condition Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Joseph Dunninger
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Joseph Dunninger

Joseph Dunninger, "The Master Mind of Modern Mystery".
Born April 28, 1892(1892-04-28)
New York, NY U.S.
Died March 9, 1975 (aged 82)
Cliffside Park, NJ, U.S.
Occupation magician, escapologist, mentalist.
Joseph Dunninger (April 28, 1892- March 9, 1975), known as "The Amazing Dunninger" was one of the most famous and proficient mentalists of all time. He was one of the pioneer performers of magic on radio and television.

He appeared on radio starting in 1943, and on television frequently in the 50s and 60s.

Dunninger had a standing offer of $10,000 to anyone who could prove that he used confederates or "stooges". He often said he could raise that offer to $100,000. Through the Scientific American Magazine and the Universal Council for Psychic Research, Dunninger made this offer to any medium who could produce by psychic or supernatural means any physical phenomena that he cannot reproduce by natural means or explain in convincing materialistic terms.

He headlined throughout the Keith-Orpheum Circuit, and was much in demand for private entertainment. At the age of seventeen he was invited to perform at the home of Theodore Roosevelt in Oyster Bay and at the home of the inventor Thomas A. Edison, both of whom were avid admirers of his mysticism.

Dunninger was a good friend to many notables in the magic community including Harry Houdini, Francis Martinka and The Shadow author Walter B. Gibson. He is said to have been a model for The Shadow.

He died of Parkinson's Disease at his home in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.


"My magical ability and digital dexterity, I mastered only after tireless practice and acute observation, finding that I have rather an uncanny mind for developing and solving mechanics of the craft. I have made the word "originality" a foundation for my magical doings." (Dunninger— An Autobiography)
"There is one primary rule in the fakery of spirit mediumship. That is to concentrate upon persons who have suffered a bereavement."

"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice." (Source: Memorable-Quotes.com)


^ "DUNNINGER DIES; MAGICIAN WAS 82; Billed Himself as 'Master Mind of Mental Mystery'", The New York Times, March 10, 1975. "Joseph Dunninger, who mystified millions as a magician and mind-reader for more than half a century, died yesterday of Parkinson's disease at his home in Cliffside Park, N.J."
^ The Secret Life of Houdini by William Kalush and Larry Sloman, Atria Books, 2006.


Dunninger self published many of his works, and others were published by inventor Hugo Gernsback. He also wrote articles in Science and Invention, Mechanix Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Fate, Atlantic Monthly and other magazines. A large percentage of these articles were ghosted by Walter Gibson.

Dunninger's Tricks De Luxe (1918)
Dunninger's Tricks Unique (1918)
Dunninger's Master Methods of Hypnotism (1923)
Popular Magic (1926)
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Houdini's Spirit Exposes and Dunninger's Psychical Investigations (1928)
Popular Magic Vol. II (1929)
Popular Magic and Card Tricks (1929)
Inside the Medium's Cabinet (1935)
How to Make a Ghost Walk (1936)
What's On Your Mind (1944)
100 Houdini Tricks You Can Do (1954)
The Art of Thought Reading (1956)
Magic and Mystery: The Incredible Psychic Investigations of Houdini and Dunninger (1967)
Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic (1967)
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