Apparatus And Trick Tips For The Kid's Show Magician
ZeTuer, Professor
Self published (2002)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  eng
ZeTuer, Professor: Apparatus and Trick Tips for the Kid’s Show Magician
©2002 Professor ZeTuer
Softcover, 8.5x11", 25 pages

Comments: Available from MagicGizmo, also as an e-book. "book covers standard tricks and apparatus you may wish to include in your show. In the list below, the items marked with a * include the full working and how you construct this effect for your self for a very low cost. The other items include tips and ideas on how to use these standard props in your show. At the end is some ideas for constructing a low cost magic table and how you can put together a complete show with purchased and magic you can construct your self for around $100."


1 Acrobatic Silks
2 Afghan bands *
3 Balloon Penetrations *
4 Coloring Book *
5 Card Tricks
6 Change Bag
7 Chinese Sticks
8 Die Box
9 Dissecto
10 Dove Pan
11 Egg Bag
12 Hippity Hop Rabbits *
13 Hyrem the Hank
14 Insurance Policy
15 Linking Rings
16 Mis-Made Flag
17 Milk Pitcher
18 Rabbit Box
19 Square Circle *
20 Sponge Balls
21 Strat-o-spheres
22 Three Ropes (Professor's Nightmare) *
23 Wrist Shackle
24 Zombie
25 Low Cost Magic Table
26 Kid’s Show on a Budget

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