The Topit Handbook
Patrick Page
L. Davenport & CO.
In Collection
Magic tricks
Great Britain  eng
Page, Patrick: The Topit Handbook
© L. Davenport & Co., London, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 14 pages
plus 1 page foldout illustration poster

Back Cover Missing

Comments: Pages are not numbered. Came with a 4 page fold-out poster with 13 illustrations


1 Part One: The Topit Handbook by Patrick Page
1 A Few Words About the Topit
2 A Few More Words About the Topit
3 To Vanish a Billiard Ball
4 To Switch One Small Object for Another
5 An Impromptu Vanish of a Glass
5 The Perfect Ring Penetration
7 To Vanish a Cigarette Lighter
7 The Pick Up Vanish
7 To Vanish a Wine Glass
8 The Vanishing Cane in Newspaper
8 The Jardine Ellis Ring on Stick

10 Part Two: The George Davenport Section
11 To Vanish a Deck of Cards
11 To Vanish a Coin Under a Matchbox
12 The Stack of Pence Trick
12 The Vanishing Billiard Ball Under a Glass
13 To Vanish a Full Glass of Whiskey

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