Table Hopping
Bruce Posgate
Haines' House of Cards (1974)
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Magic tricks
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Posgate, Bruce: Table Hopping
©1974 Haines' House of Cards
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 56 pages
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Posgate, Bruce
(1900 - 1990)
Canadian magician Bruce Posgate was not so much an inventor of magic as an originator of magic routines using other magician's inventions. He also wrote the instructions for many magic tricks sold by dealers.
Bruce remembered seeing Oswald Williams perform a Magic Laundry effect at the Egyptian Hall in London. In the August 1951 issue of The Linking Ring (Volume 31 - No. 6) he wrote up his routine for "The Magic Laundry" which inspired another originator of magic, Lewis J. Thomas, to devise the "Chinese Washing Machine" manufactured later by Supreme.*
Wrote: Table Hopping (1974), Dove Pan-Orama, Necklace Trickery, It's Not What You Do (Lecture Notes), Kid Show Showmanship (1961),
*Researched by Andrew Pinnard.