Entertaining ESP
Patrick Page
Fun Incorporated (1999)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  eng
Page, Patrick & Ken deCourcy: Entertaining ESP
©1999 Fun, Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 22 pages

Comments: A book of tricks with the Royal Magic ESP Deck. Edited by Joe Moehring; illustrated by Tony Dunn. The deck is specially marked.

Contents (from book):

1 The Royal Magic ESP Deck: Introduction to the ESP symbols, classifications that can be demonstrated, and how the deck works

3 Tricks Requiring a Set of Five ESP Cards
3 By Weight Alone: magician determines which ESP card by weight
3 Sight Unseen: magician pulls selected card out of pocket
4 Behind the Back: magician determines card chosen behind his back
4 ESP by Elimination: with a stack
5 Psychic Feedback: magician matches sealed envelope with appropriate spectator
6 Psychic Feedback Plus: variation
6 Casting a Spell: locate card by spelling it
7 Square Speller: another version
7 Symbolic Age: cards are mixed at random and selection buried, yet magician names selection

8 Magical Experiments Using Two Packets of Five ESP Cards
8 Transmission Experiment: Magician matches the spectator's selection
8 ESP for Two: all five of Magician's card pair with the spectator's
9 ESP for Two, Sight Unseen: another version
9 CoinCidence: coins land on the matching cards
10 Noughts and Crosses: magician separates Circles from Crosses
11 Will the Signs Match?: a spelling trick

12 Tricks With a Full ESP Deck
12 Psychic Revelation: magician reveals selected card
12 Revelation a la Mindreading: another way to reveal
12 Revelation via Pulse: another
12 It's a Draw: the two drawings match
13 From the Ashes: another reveal
13 Circled: Magician circles the selection on a paper
13 Dual Control: another match
13 Australian Spell: using a down and under deal, the last card is the selection
14 Australian Deal, Mate: as above, with spectator and magician matching
15 Eliminator: elimination deals leaves Spectator with one card that matches magicians selection
15 Psychic Sign: could be done with any ESP deck
16 The Force: mathematical force
17 May the Force Be With You: using above

17 Tricks With a Stacked ESP Deck
18 One In Six: deck is cut, top card viewed, and six cards dealt. Magician determines which of the six cards was selected
19 Three Faces: magician determines the face cards of cut off packets
19 The Glide: described and used for the next two effects
20 Fantasy: 3 way ESP coincidence
21 The Power of Money: only the pairs with coins on them match
22 A Cute Intro: spelling each card

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