Latest Money Magic Of Mike Bornstein - NO. 3
Bornstein, Mike
Mike Bornstein (1988)
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Bornstein, Mike: Latest Money Magic of Mike Bornstein No. 3
©1988 Magico Magazine
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 43 pages

Comments: edited by Gloria E. Kindred and Stan Bennett

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 X-Static Dollar Bill
2 Double Matchit
3 Polaroid Card Trick
4 Perfect Prediction
5 Triple Mini Miracle
6 Instant Money
7 Single Card To Bill
8 Impromptu Standing on Edge
9 Elastic Penetro
10 Enlarged Invisible Hole
11 Triangle Angle
12 Improved Clip Joint

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No. of Pages 24
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Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Latest Money Magic of Mike Bornstein Book #3 ©1988 by Mike Bornstein, Edited by Gloria E. Kindred & Stan Bennett
ii Contents
iii Foreword
1 X-Static Dollar Bill: a dollar bill sticks to another by "static electricity"
8 Double Matchit: Magician bets a dollar he can matchit, folds a dollar, and a matchbook appears. He then opens the matchbook to reveal a small duplicate of the selected card, thus "matching" it twice!
12 Polaroid Card Trick: a bill passed over spread cards is turned over to reveal a mini-version of the selected card
16 Perfect Prediction: the spectator thinks the magician has made a wrong prediction, but when the bill is looked at again, the prediction matches the selected card (variation of Polariod Card Trick)
19 Triple Mini Miracle: a dollar changes into a mini deck of cards that has the selection reversed in the deck (uses a mini Ultra-Mental Deck)
22 Instant Money: A bill switch using a blank piece of paper to dollar bill. Bill can be examined.
26 Single Card to Bill: a playing card shown both sides turns into a dollar bill
28 Impromptu Standing on Edge: no props needed
30 Elastic Penetro: a rubber band penetrates a folded dollar bill (not borrowed)
32 Enlarged Invisible Hole: a bill is folded inside an envelope that has a hole cut in the bottom. A coin is seen clearly to go into the fold of the dollar, yet comes out the hole in the bottom of the envelope. The bill is shown to have no hole in the center
34 Triangle Angle: a triangular matrix effect using a dollar as cover; also uses a shell and C/S coin
37 Improved Clip Joint: Fastener is now pushed through two clear plastic cards and then the dollar.