Mike Bornstein's New Commercial Money Magic - #4
Bornstein, Mike
Mike Bornstein (1990)
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Bornstein, Mike: Mike Bornstein's New Commercial Money Magic #4
©1990 Magico Magazine
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 49 pages



1 Improved $1 and $5 Bill Trick
7 Instant Money Number Two
11 1 Plus 1 = 4 Bill Trick
17 "Frisbee" Dollar Bill Trick
24 Match and Rematch
30 Lucky Buck
37 Lucky Buck Number 2
40 Comedy Card in Wallet
46 Diminishing Dollar Bills

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No. of Pages 24
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Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
i Mike Bornstein's New Commercial Money Magic Book #4 ©1990 Mike Bornstein, Edited by Gloria E. Kindred
1 Mike Bornstein's Improved $1 and $5 Bill Trick: a $1 and $5 bill are placed in the spectator's hand. Magician removes the $1 and the bills transpose. The Magician unfolds the $1 to reveal a $5, and the spectator finds the $1 in his hand.
7 Instant Money Number Two: a $1 bill is folded and changes into a $10 bill that can be examined.
11 1 Plus 1 = 4 Bill Tick: Two dollar bills transform into four bills
17 "Frisbee" Dollar Bill Trick: a label placed on a bill transposes to the face of a selected card
24 Match and Rematch: a marked coin is vanished, a bill changes into a matchbox, the matches in the matchbox change into the marked coin and the vanished bill
30 Lucky Buck: Magician fails to predict location of selected card, but the card has vanished and appears inside a clear plastic case holding a dollar
37 Lucky Buck Number 2: another handling
40 Comedy Card in Wallet: a selected card is found hanging onto a $20 bill removed from magician's wallet. Requires palming.
46 Diminishing Dollar Bills: a fan of dollar bills diminishes in size as you relate a story about the devaluing dollar

1 Mike Bornstein's Eye Popper Money Magic Book #5 ©1994 Mike Bornstein, Edited by Gloria E. Kindred
3 New Improved Comedy Bill In Snake: Destroyed bill ends up restored in a spring-snake can
10 The Spirit of '76: a selected card is caught by thrusting a dollar into the thrown cards, but only a ripped corner is captured. The signed card is found to be missing a corner and it matches
16 Polaroid Money Outdone: A stack of $1's changes to a stack of $5's and then a stack of $10's and back to $1's
21 Simplex Bill Penetration: an impromptu pen through the bill effect
24 Deluxe Double Matchit: an update to Double Matchit that can be seen by a larger audience
29 How Sweet It Is: a seemingly impromptu dollar to packet of sugar
32 Comedy Floating Dollar Bill: a miniature bill changes to a regular sized bill and then floats
38 Mike Bornstein's Money Mania: a single coin appears from a folded dollar three times, followed by a cascade; with several alternate presentation ideas
48 Mike Bornstein's New "Asrah" Floating Bill: an update to the original floating bill that makes the gimmick more "portable"
54 Ultra Coin Penetration: A clever approach to the Cylinder and Coins effect that does not need the traditional "stack of quarters"
61 Deluxe Triple Matchit: a variation of Double Matchit but with two card selections
65 Ultra Bill Suspension: a floating bill in a mini-Zombie fashion