Mental Magic: - Surefire Tricks To Amaze Your Friends
Martin Gardner
Sterling Publishing Co.,Inc. (1999)
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Paperback 0806920491
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Gardner, Martin: Mental Magic
Surefire Tricks to Amaze Your Friends
©1999 Sterling Publishing
©2009 Dover Publications
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 96 pages
ISBN 978-0-486-47495-3



7 Wonderland Spell
8 A Mysterious Matrix
10 Cards that Shake Dice
11 Try This on a Dollar Bill
11 The Magic of 8
12 Around the Square
13 Nation, Animals, Fruit
14 The Red and the Black
14 The Exact Word
15 A Two-Dice Test
16 A Curious Count
17 A Rotating Matrix
18 Catch the Bill
19 Five in a Row
20 Reverse, Subtract, Add
21 A Geometry Test
21 Monkey Business
22 Face-Up Cards
22 What's on the Paper?
23 Count the Clips
23 Number, Flower, Color
24 In Praise of Red
25 Three Heaps
26 Fold and Trim
28 Number Names
28 A Test with Two Dice
29 Think-a-Lettcr
30 Turn Two and Cut
30 The Rotated Die
31 An ABCABC Number
31 A Domino Chain
32 The CRY Test
32 Whisk the Dime
33 Beast, City, Vegetable
33 A Test with Your Age
34 A Surprising Sum
36 Around the Solar System
38 Think-a-Digit
38 A Remarkable Number
39 Heads or Tails?
39 Drop the Coin
40 At the Apex
42 A Calculator Test
42 A Peculiar Series
43 Rotating Spoon
44 Another Calculator Test
46 Four Queens
46 A Four-Dice Test
47 A Test with 66
47 246,913,578
48 Funny Fractions
49 Topsy Turvy Fun
50 A Trick with Three Dice 5
50 Four Kings
51 Pairing Cards
52 Where's the Dime?
54 What's the Word?
55 Three Surprises
55 Another Calculator Surprise
56 A Surprising Fraction
57 Where's the Ace?
57 A Letter in Washington
58 Four File Cards
58 The Missing 8
59 An 8-Card Test
59 An Unexpected Number
60 Five Coins
61 The Stubborn Rubber Band
62 The Rotating Tubes
63 A Three-Dice Stack
63 One, Two, Three
64 Test of Finger Strength
65 A 3 by 4 Test
66 The Curious Q
68 The Four Knights
70 Around the Circle
71 Deal and Switch
71 Insect, Animal, Bird
72 The Six Glasses
72 End of a Chain
73 A Yardstick Prediction
74 In Praise of Blue
75 Odd or Even?
75 Row of Nine
76 Nine-Card Spell
76 Lincoln Up or Down?
77 A Royal Finish
78 Twinkle, Twinkle

79 The Professor Predicts

91 Epilogue
93 About the Author
94 Index

Can you really predict what your friends are thinking--the numbers or letters or words they come up with--and don't tell you? With this extraordinary book, you can do it! Many of these feats of mental magic will always come out right--some of them will do it almost all the time. You'll amaze everybody--and never tell how you did it. * Enter your age in a calculator. Multiply it by 12. Add the mysterious number 2856. Divide by 3. Divide by 4. Subtract your age. What number is now on display? * Toss three dice on the table. Call them A, B, and C. Write down the total showing on A and B. Turn B and C upside down and write the total showing. Turn upside C and A and write the total. Add the three sums. What's the result? Answers: the number on display is 238; the result is 21. The author lives in Hendersonville, NC. 96 pages, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4.

Illustrator Jeff Sinclair
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No. of Pages 96
Height x Width 8.2 x 5.4  inch
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Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
(1914 - )
Wrote: Martin Gardner's Table Magic, Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic, 12 Tricks with a Borrowed Deck, After the Dessert, Die of Another Color, Martin Gardner Presents, Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery, Mental Magic: Surefire Tricks to Amaze Your Friends, and many more books of a mathematical, scientific or puzzle nature.
He has been a regular contributor to Scientific American and is so respected by scientists, that he has had an asteroid (2587 - Gardner) named after him. His first non-magic and non-puzzle book, In the Name of Science (1952), began his exposure of cults, fads, and fallacies in the sciences. He also wrote Philosophical Foundations of Physics (1966), and a novel, The Flight of Peter Fromm (1973).