Bound Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation Volume 1 & 2 - An Accurate and Comprehensive Technical Treatise on the Expert Manipulation of Miniature Billiard Balls
Hull, Burling Vulta
American Magic Corporation (1928)
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Hull, Burling: Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation Part 1
©1910 Burling Hull Magic Studios
©1915 American Magic Corporation
Fifth Edition ©1928 Stage Magic Co, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 46 pages

This book combines the softcover booklets, Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Burling Hull's "Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation", totaling 139 pages in length. The two volumes feature 200 black and white photographs throughout. Burling Hull reveals a number of amazing effects that he previously kept closely guarded for eighteen years! Includes "Advice", primary and more advanced sleights, effects with special balls, and so much more!

Comments: "Including an Accurate and Comprehensive Technical Treatise on the Expert Manipulation of Minature Billiard Balls, for Manipulative Artists and Advanced Students of the Art of Magic. Embodying the Complete Course of Instruction as Given at Burling Hull Studios of Magical Instruction. Illustrated by Two Hundred Photographs Taken From the Hands of America's Foremost Manipulative Expert."

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Chapter One: Care of Hands
2 Importance of Preparing Hands
3 Various Preparations
4 Velvette Proper Application
5 Quick Massage to Remove Stiffness
6 An Easy Exercise to Render the Fingers Quick in Action
7 To Overcome a Cramped Pain
8 Finger Feats

9 Chapter Two Advice
10 Properties
11 - The Five Varieties of Billiard Balls
12 - Celluloid, Composition, Metal, Enabled Wood and Their Disadvantages
13 The Best to Use

14 Chapter Three Primary Sleights
15 Manipulation
16 Correct and Graceful Palm
17 Amateur Palm
18 Simple Vanish
19 French Drop
20 B.H. Drop
21 B.H. Method of Change Over
22 Slow Trap Vanish
23 Mistakes
24 Other Vanishes (No. One)
25 Other Vanishes (No. Two)
26 Mistakes

27 Chapter Four Advanced Sleights
28 Cone and Ball
29 B.H. Cone and Ball
30 Acquitments
31 Acquitment No. One
32 Mistakes
33 Improvement
34 Acquitment No. Two
35 Mistakes
36 Acquitment at Knee
37 Acquitment Vertical
38 Unique Color Change
39 Ball Through Knee
40 Novel Move with Ball

41 Chapter Five Selected Original Sleights
42 The Mulberry Vanish
43 The B.H. Roll Vanish
44 B.H. Lightning Change Palm
45 Burling Hull Handkerchief and Ball Production
46 Burling Hull Invisible Change Over
47 B.H. Drop Acquitment
48 Mistakes
49 Productions from Mouth

50 Chapter Six Complete Original Effects
51 Hypnotic Balls
52 Burling Hull Ball and Cone Flight
53 Cone Vanish

Hull, Burling: Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation Part Two
©1910 Burling Hull Magic Studios
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 41 pages
©1915 American Magic Corporation
©1928 Fifth Edition Stage Magic Company

Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation Part Two
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Comments: "An accurate and comprehensive technical treatise on the expert manipulation of miniature billiard balls".
The two volumes have also been printed in combined editions

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers, from book ToC):
Chapter Seven To the Student
Importance of Stage Address
- Climax
- The Reason
- As Applied to Magic
- Selection of Settings and Advide on Purchasing
- Private Builders
- Clips, Holder and Attachements and their Value

Chapter Eight More Original Ball Effects
36 Rainbow Spheres
37 Novel Method of Obtaining Balls
38 Ball Through Handkerchief
39 Miskakes
40 Finish for Ball and Handkerchief
41 Variation
42 Burling Hull's Latest Color Change

Chapter Nine Special Balls
43 The Excelsior Ball Trick
44 Chameleon Ball
45 Multiplying Balls
46 Rouge et Noir
47 Handkerchief and Ball Manipulation
48 Polychromatic Ball
49 Ball and Goblet
50 Ball and Handkerchief Change
51 Other Apparatus
52 The Top Vest Servante
53 Attachments
54 Ball Pull - Pocket Pull
55 Clutch Pull
56 Vanishing Ball
57 Henry Hardins Auto Vanishing Ball
58 The Sucker
59 Ball Spider
60 Ball Holders

Chapter Ten Special Balls Designed By Author
61 The Poufe Ball
62 Sleight No. One
63 Sleight No. Two
64 Sleight No. Three
65 Sleight No. Four
66 Finishing Sleight
67 The Smoke Ball
68 Other Methods of Preparing
69 Burling Hull New Ball Act
70 Principle - Formula - Preparation
71 Operation One
72 Operation Two
73 Operation Three
74 Operation Four
75 The Rain of Billiard Balls
76 Sleights With the Back-hand Clip 1
77 Sleights With the Back-hand Clip 2

Chapter Eleven Latest Original Sleights With Billiard Balls
78 Color Changing Ball
79 Unique Shell Manipulation
80 Operation One
81 Operation Two
82 Operation Three
83 Operation Four
84 Operation Five
85 Operation Six
86 New Practical Methods for Excelsior
87 Method for Parlor
88 Method for Platform
89 Vanishing Illusion
90 Tip for the Excelsior
91 Sleight Method
92 Ball and Silk
93 Original Sleights with Loop Ball
94 Swing Vanish
95 Hang Over Acquitment
96 Mistakes
97 Drop Vanish
98 Perfection Acquitment

Chapter Twelve Concluding Remarks
Faults With Most Instructive Treatises
Impossible Descriptions
Personal Instruction and Correction of Mistakes
Objections Eliminated by Employing New Method
Equal to Personal Instruction
Mistakes Anticipated and Corrected
The Illustrations
Where Most Instructors Fail
Description of Various Hands and a Reading of Owner's Characteristics
Best Methods to Adopt
Hands of Famous Magicians

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No. of Pages 139
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Burling "Volta" Hull was an expert manipulator, mentalist, escape artist, illusionist, night-club performer, TV pioneer, and master marketer.

Burling Hull (September 9 1889 - November 1982) (alias "Volta, "Volta the Great", and "The White Wizard" ) was an inventive magician, self-styled "the Edison of magic," specializing in mentalist and psychic effects. During the greater part of his life he lived in DeLand, Florida.

In his earlier years he performed a skillful manipulation act, making billiard balls and silks vanish, multiply and reappear, while dressed entirely in white. [1]

Hull claimed to be -- and is generally credited as -- the inventor of the Svengali deck of cards, which he patented in 1909. He was a prolific writer, with 52 published books to his name. He wrote on a wide variety of magical subjects, including card tricks, mentalism, escapes, razor blade swallowing, sightless vision, billiard ball manipulation, silk magic, publicity and showmanship. His 33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases, written in 1915, is still popular today.

A shrewd businessman and marketer, Hull not only produced many titles about magical effects, he gave talks to magic conventions on business methods for entertainers. He was active in the movement to protect magic trade secrets by both patent on the gimmicks and copyright on the texts, as applicable, but he undercut his own ethical stance against plagiarism by publishing secret material from other magicians who had stolen from him, in order to get revenge for having been plagiarized.

Hull's weighty three-volume Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism, published in 1961, was the largest compilation of mentalism sleights, gimmicks, effects, patter, and illusions in one collection up to that date. This work was also notable as the venue in which Hull carried out his excoriating feud with the equally famous mentalist Robert A. Nelson, whom he accused in print of teaching mentalism to gamblers and racketeers in order that they might commit what Hull called "thievery of the public", and whom he criticised for selling hoodoo folk magic curios that Hull said were used in rituals of "black magic and Devil worship". [2]

In the late 1950s he published a sort of newsletter called The G_d D__n Truth About Magic, mainly for the purpose of criticizing Nelson and supposedly written by one Gideon ("Gid") Dayn, but it didn't take much imagination to know what the first words actually stood for. [1]

In his final years he lost his eyesight, a loss he never learned to accept, and he died at the age of 93 in a nursing home. [1]

1. a b c Francis Marshall in the introduction to a reprint of The G_d D__n Truth About Magic.
2. Hull, Burling. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism. 1961.