Al Schneider on Coins
Schneider, Al
Al Schneider (1975)
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Schneider, Al: Al Schneider On Coins
©1975 Al Schneider
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 95 pages

©2004 Electronically published by Al Schneider

Comments: Initially edited by John Braun; Photography by John Ghastin; Initial Cover by Frank Tougas

Contents (from book ToC):

4 Forward
6 Introduction
7 Chapter One: Six Properties Of Deception
11 Chapter Two: Vanishes
11 Schneider Vanish
15 Schneider Classic Vanish
18 Snap Back Vanish
19 Finger Clip Vanish
22 Chapter Three: Miscellaneous Moves
22 Pop-Up-Coin Move
26 Twirl Load
29 Hand Load
31 Chapter Four: Coins Across
31 Quick Silver
36 Quick Centavos
41 Crossed Cards I
48 Crossed Cards II
55 Chapter Five: Coins Through The Table
55 Three Halves Through
61 Quick Shot
64 Chapter Six: Box Routines
64 One Half Gone
68 Soc II
80 Chapter Seven: Hank Bits
80 One Coin Through
82 Coin Growth
87 Chapter Eight: Heavy Manipulation
87 Dynamic Coin
91 Tri-Vanish
Product Details
No. of Pages 95
First Edition Yes
Original Title Al Schneider on Coins
Original Publisher Al Schneider
Original Country United States of America
Original Language English
Original Publication Year 1975
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf T
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:

Al Schneider is best known as the creator of Matrix, the new wave version of Sympathetic Coins.[1]


Schneider grew up in Detroit, Michigan, spent a year living in Denver, Colorado, but spent most of his life living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In there, sometime, he lived in Hollywood, California for a year and was a member of the Magic Castle. [2]

He started in magic 1960 in his senior high school days in Roseville, Michigan, a Detroit suburb. In 1967, after seven years of part time work and part time school, Schneider graduated from Wayne University with a BS in Physics. Magic continued to occupy his free moments during those years, and he worked toward his ambition of attaining a professional status in magic.

In 1969 he left his job as a mathematician for Uniroyal, Inc. and accepted a position as Systems Analyst for Univac, specialists in computers. A short time later, the firm transferred him to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he worked as a Systems Programmer in computer development.

In 1972, when the computer industry took a dive, he began writing and publishing magic books. He worked as a dealer from Goldshadow Industries and editor of house organ Goldshadow Newsletter.

Apart from magic, his hobbies include, but are not limited to, full contact Karate competition, two-handed sword fighting, golf, skiing, theoretical physics and study of Quantum Mechanics.

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DATE: 1975
SIZE: 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, 96 pages, plus light card covers.
COND: In otherwise very Fine, almost Mint condition. Please see scanned images to see quality of this fine item.