Magic Circle Magic - Tribute To The Memory of George Davenport and Lewis Davenport
Will Dexter
HARRY CLARK, M.I.M.C. (1963)
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Great Britain  eng
Dexter, Will: Magic Circle Magic
A Tribute to the Memory of George Davenport and Lewis Davenport
©1963 Harry Clarke & Co., London
Hardcover, 130 pages

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This is a rare find for the magic collector. Magic Circle Magic is a hardback book, red faux leather, 6.25" wide by 9.5" tall, 267 pages. Many great illustrations throughout, see photos above. Condition is very good, with very little wear throughout, please see photos above. Contents include work by Tommy Cooper, Ali Bongo, Kalanag, John Mullhalland, Peter Warlock, etc. Over seventy contributors in all. The illustrations, both drawings and photograph, make the information clearer and even more useful. A great find for a collector or working magician.

Another fine item from the personal library of magician Jay Marshall.

Comments: Instituted by the Council of the Magic Circle; Art Editor: Ali Bongo

Contents (source book ToC):
5 Introduction by the President of the Magic Circle (Francis White)
9 The House of Davenport
13 Watches, Slates and a Pack of Cards (Adams)
17 The Daring Young Lady of Riga (Arrowsmith)
21 Flight Fantastique (Avis)
25 Use Your Loaf (Baron)
29 Fifty Eggs From a Newspaper (Benbow)
35 Fun With a Fingerette (Bernard)
39 The Bongoclock (Bongo)
43 Icheylon (Brearley)
47 Out of This Wallet (Carter)
49 Sideways Changing Card (Chandler)
51 The Hidden Word (Clive)
55 Irrepressibles (Conquest)
57 At My Command (Cooper)
59 Flash Card to Bouquet and Rings (Cowl)
61 My Magic Mouse (Culpin)
65 Balloon Penetration (Daukes)
69 My Dancing Doll (Devano)
71 Casual Cigarette (Deveen)
79 Multi-Thread Needle (Dexter, E.)
81 Any Book Test (Dexter, W.)
83 Apperception (Esler)
85 Coin Box Capers (Findlay)
89 Surprise Stop Aces (Forton)
91 The Ghosts Walk
95 Out of the Hat (Gabriel)
97 Vice-Versa (Ganson
101 The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Grimmond)
107 The Doctor's Flash Rope Restoration (Grossman)
109 Babee (Harbin)
111 Predicted Thought (Hawbecker)
113 The Chinese Prayer Stick (Histed)
117 Complete Control (Howie)
121 Charms (Hutchinson)
125 Gravity Illusion (Kalanag)
129 Every Picture (King)

Product Details
No. of Pages 267
First Edition Yes
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf F
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Will Dexter
Born William Thomas Pritchard
September 13, 1906
St. Annes-on-Sea, England
Died November 05, 1985 (age 79)
St. Annes-on-Sea, England

Will Dexter (1906 - 1985) was a close-up worker, mentalist and writer.

Born William Thomas Pritchard in England, Dexter was a professional journalist who started in 1928. His duties were interrupted by World War II, in which he was later discharged as a Captain in 1945. He served as an editor for number of newspapers, and later as Editor and Publisher with Public Relations Industrial, London until his retirement in 1969.

In retirement, he became a Daily Telegraph crossword compiler.

He ghosted several books for Robert Harbin.

Dexter was a member of the Magic Circle, the British Ring, East Kent Magical Society, Nottingham Guild of Magicians and an Honorary Life Member of the Blackpool Magicians' Club.[1][2]

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