Street Magic - Great Tricks and Close-Up Secrets Revealed
Paul Zenon
Running Press (2007)
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Magic tricks
Paperback 9780786720941
USA  English
Zenon, Paul: Street Magic
©2005 Paul Zenon, Carlton Books Limited
©2007 Running Press Book Publishers
Softcover, 192 pages
ISBN 2005ed: 978-1-84442-130-5
ISBN 2007ed: 978-0-78672-094-1

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12 Chapter One Auto-Magic: Simple-To-Learn Magic Tricks
24 Chapter Two The Midas Touch: Tricks With Coins
48 Chapter Three Top Secret Gadgets: Gimmicks
66 Chapter Four Hands On Deck: Card Magic, No Sleight-Of-Hand Skills
92 Chapter Five Shark Attack: Card Manipulation
116 Chapter Six Cruising: Flourishes
130 Chapter Seven Mind Magic
148 Chapter Eight Street Scams: Three Classic And Historic Street Hustles
164 Chapter Nine Party Tricks
186 One For The Road - Out Of This World: Card Trick

Street Magic teaches you the secrets of close-up, under-your-nose, in-your-face magic and shows you how to perform the best tricks made popular by today's great magicians, so you can amaze and impress everyone you know. The definitive guide to performing amazing magic anytime, anywhere, Street Magic starts with simple but impressive tricks with everyday objects and builds to more sophisticated routines using the skills you pick up along the way. Perform simple yet astounding card and coin magic, convince people you can read their thoughts, and learn possibly the best card trick in the world. And to make your performance even more exciting, Street Magic teaches you how to show off your card-handling skills with expert flourishes, embellish your showmanship with magician's patter, and perform next-to-impossible tricks with secret gadgets. With step-by-step instructions and helpful photographs, Street Magic reveals the secrets behind some of the most popular and astonishing magic tricks.
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