The Secrets Of Karl Germain
Cramer, Stuart
Mr. Meriweather and Company (1962)
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Cramer, Stuart: The Secrets Of Karl Germain
©1962, published Mr. Meriweather and Company
Softcovers, 70 pages

An array of brilliant effects for close-up, stage, comedy, and mentalism, this great volume by Stuart Cramer preserves some of Karl Germain's greatest secrets...which Germain did not want ever revealed. Fortunately, Cramer disregarded his dear friend's wishes with this volume and its subsequent follow-up biography, Germain the Wizard and his Legerdemain.



The Block
The Ring
The Gong

Chapter 1: Die Poltergeister

Cassadaga Propaganda
Spirit Cabinets
Slate Writing
Stage Version No. 1
Stage Version No. 2
Close-up at Table
Séance in a Lighted Room
Spirit Knots

Chapter 2: Platform Tricks

Tray Production
The Chameleons
The Short and Precarious Career of Miss Confetti
Finale for the Miser’s Dream
A Surprising Hat
The Diving Duck
Light on the Tambourine

Chapter 3: Close-up

Germain’s Gem
Diminishing Cards and Photographs
Cut-and-Restored String

Chapter 4: Features

Mind-Reading Act
Germain’s Water Jars
A Feast of Flags



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Karl Germain
From MagicPedia
Karl Germain ( February 12, 1878 - August 9, 1959) was born Charles Mattmueller in Cleveland, Ohio. He began his magic career as a boy in Ohio and was touring professionally by the age of twenty. He toured the Great Britain and Ireland as "The American Wizard". He was nicknamed Karl by his school teachers, because there were too many Charles in the school.

He retired for the first time from performing when his sister Ida died (who was his second person in his two-person mentalism act) and went to study law. In 1914, after graduating, he opened a law practice. He still performed periodically, but started booking his one time assistant, Paul Fleming whom he taught to preform his repertoire.

In 1916, returned to performing, when Fleming went to pursue his own carer, but only for a short time as he soon started loosing his eyesight and eventually became blind.

David Ben's reproduces Germain's Egyptian Water Jars and Blooming Rose Bush in his act "The Conjuror".

(1878 - 1960)
Germain, Karl (born Charles Mattmueller), began at the age of 8 years Between 14 and 16 he learned muscle vintages, which he demonstrated however only with private appearances. At the age of 18 he demonstrated a mind reading program with his sister as a medium. In 1906 he traveled to London, where he came to know and work with David Devant and John Neville Maskelyne.
Germain presented stage magic like the Visible Flower Growth; large illusions including levitations, appearances, and transpositions; mysterious spirit effects; and very clever mentalism. It was said that he could fool expert magicians with his close-up magic.